Does your Concierge pick up and re-pack before you ship!? Packaging services? PickUp? Pick-Up? -
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Yes, we do offer such a service (see Concierge Service). The Concierge will pick up and normally ship into our warehouse, thus you can continue to shop in Germany and we can take care for secure packaging. myGermany handles the communication and charges an extra fee of minimum 20 Euros for the pick up service into our warehouse. We try to cope it within these 20 Euro, if higher costs occur, you will be charged.
Please mind that some articles are not in condition for international transport, myGermany will check that upfront and discuss with you.

(If you want us to only pick up and ship directly to your country, that is also possible. Please contact

For larger items we would need to speak to seller of course. Please submit in the Concierge Form the contact data of seller, thus we can organize everything directly with seller – which saves you and us a lot of time and probably costs 🙂

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