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Content Insurance in our myGermany Warehouse

We have taken out content insurance that covers values up to 200,000 EUR.

We cannot be held liable for content that our warehouse team has not reviewed. Therefore we ask you to check your content with the functions available in the account (e.g. Additional Pictures or Inspection). Only in case of a clear proof that goods have been damaged or lost in the warehouse of myGermany, we can be held liable for a maximum amount of 500 EUR.


Transport Insurance for your Shipments


Your shipment can be insured when checking out in your myGermany account. You can select that in the Outbox/CheckOut. We use the transport insurance of our carrier partners (see below). You may not file a claim for damage or loss if you do not select shipment insurance. For detailed information, please take a look here in 4.5.1. Terms & Conditions

Transport Insurance for your Drop Shipments: myGermany cannot be made liable for Drop Shipments as we do not open/check/pack such shipments. Our standard partner insurance will be applied automatically to that shipments (see below). You cannot insure higher values.

Transport Insurance and Customs Value?
Please mind that the transport insurance cannot be higher than your declared customs value in the shipping papers!


Insurance Coverage?


Insurance covers loss or damage to the items in your shipment. Claims can be made for declared items value and carrier partner shipping rates. Import duties or  taxes cannot be claimed. Insured is the value of the itemTransportation costs are insured to a certain extend only in the sense that the shipment rates of our carrier partners are covered, but myGermany services based on individual cases only. Liability for additional services and material, which are added on top of partners shipping rates, is to be evaluated for each individual case (If the damage has clearly been caused by third parties, myGermany cannot be liable for the insurance of your items value, shipping rates of partners, and our services/material).

Carrier may carry limited or no liability for antique or vintage items, jewelry, TVs, electronics, manufacturer’s box/packaging and prohibited goods. Please check with your specific courier for a complete list of prohibited items by courier! If you do not select additional insurance, you assume all risks of loss or damage over the amount of standard liability as stated above.


How to fill Claims?


Please note that you need to prove the damages when receiving your package. So please check and take pictures along with the driver in case of a damage. We need to report the follwoing to the carriers: How do we handle damges?
All claims will initialy be evaluated by our carrier partners, then by myGermany; and are based on the declared value of goods which is done by you.


Transport Insurance of our Carrier Partners.
The insurance acts as follows (based on the shipping conditions of our carrier partners:


DHL Premium:
Your goods are automatically covered at no extra cost up to a value of EUR 500.
*Up to an order value of EUR 2,500 we charge EUR 20.
*Up to an order value of EUR 25,000 we charge EUR 70.
If you prefer a higher insurance, please contact us.

DHL Express:
Insurance must be purchased: 1,5% of the value but minimum 20 EUR.

Goods are insured with 1 kg each at 22 EUR.
*additional insurance must be purchased: for each additional 100 EUR value of goods we charge 2 EUR.

Your goods are automatically covered at no extra cost up to a value of EUR 520.
*Up to an order value of EUR 10,000 we charge EUR 50.

Your goods are automatically covered at no extra cost up to a value of EUR 750.
*Up to an order value of EUR 5,000 we charge EUR 20.

Your goods are automatically covered at no extra cost up to a value of EUR 510.
*additional insurance must be purchased: 2,0% of the value but minimum 10 EUR.

Goods are insured. Each insurance is based on an individual calculation (as DBSchenker is used for freight only).