KPMG 2018 - myGermany GmbH among the TOP 50 companies in Germany
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myGermany GmbH among the TOP 50 companies in Germany

On November 29, 2018, we were invited by the leading portal of the founder scene in Germany to Berlin as TOP 50 companies for the award of the Growth Award 2018. This was preceded by an application phase in which the sales of the last three years had to be submitted with the confirmation of the tax consultant. Using a specially developed calculation formula consisting of average sales growth (CAGR) and company age, the founding scene and KPMG selected the winners for 2017/2018. myGermany achieved a remarkable 24th place out of more than 300 applications. This is remarkable because almost all higher ranked companies have one, sometimes even two or three financing rounds behind them and have already used the money for scaling. We are very proud to have been invited to this event and look forward to the coming business year with full confidence, summarizes Christian Schmalisch, CEO of myGermany GmbH.

myGermany GmbH
Nordstrasse 5
99427 Weimar


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