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Things You Should Know About Halloween

Things You Should Know About Halloween

Who Has a Question About Halloween?

Halloween incorporates a pretty cool and spooky history, going back thousands of years. The holiday has morphed from a fairly eerie night of superstition to the playful, family-centric celebration we know today. But why do we celebrate Halloween? Let’s explore!

How did Halloween begin?

Roughly 2,000 years ago, at the end of October always marked a significant time of year for early Europeans, mostly those of Gaelic (pre-Ireland) and Scottish origin. On October 31 each year, they celebrated the festival of Samhain, observing the end of the summer harvest season and the beginning of winter. 

Why Germans Celebrate Halloween

In August 1991, the first Gulf War started. Then Chancellor Helmut Kohl pledged that Germany would pay a fair share of war costs, and provide increased military aid. In addition, the German Government canceled the Fasching Celebrations. This was a devastating blow, especially in the costume industry.  Public relations consultant for the German Toy and Novelty Retailers Association, Dieter Tschorn, decided that they would have to make up for the losses somehow, and Halloween was chosen. Marketing kicked into high gear, and by 1994 the Special Carnival Group (Fachgruppe Karneval) of the German Association for the Toy Industry (Deutscher Verband der Spielwarenindustrie, DVSI) had managed to make Halloween part of popular culture, and a huge boost to the German economy. In fact, today, Halloween is 3rd only to Christmas and Easter in sales with over 30 million Euros a year spent on sweets, costumes, and decorations.

The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales and Stories

Germany is the country of fairy tales of famous Germans like the Brothers Grimm. The brothers came from a rich family. The family came from Hanau in Germany. In 1812 the Grimm brothers printed volume one among Children’ and Family Tales a book containing eighty-six folktales. Volume two followed two years later in 1814 with another 70 stories from German Folklore. Their folk stories became the best known and most influential book in the German language.

The captivating stories, works and fairy tales by the Grimm Brothers are popular all over the world. Exciting and alarming stories of fairies, witches, wizards, giants, dragons, princes, princesses, wicked queens! 

The following selection of some of their most famous fairy tales:

  • Little Red Riding Hood
  • Briar Rose
  • Rapunzel a fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm
  • Cat and Mouse Partnership
  • Snow White
  • The Bremen Town Musicians
  • The white snake 

Story of the Werewolf of Bedburg

The German Werewolf’s name was Peter Stumpp, a wealthy farmer in western Germany’s Rhineland. He confessed to terrible crimes. Stumpp murdered and partially consumed fourteen children and two pregnant women, as well as drank the blood of all sorts of local livestock. One of the children he killed was his own son, and he ate the boy’s brain. It is said that “The Devil had given the farmers a belt made of wolf pelts”. Stumpp did all of this while in the shape of a wolf. On Halloween of 1589, the Werewolf of Bedburg was put to death. 

Other Spooky Traditions in Germany

October is additionally the time for alternative spooky happenings in Germany. 

  • Haunted Castle: One of the biggest and most popular Halloween venues in Germany is that the 1,000-year-old fortress ruins in Darmstadt. Since the 1970s, it has been known as Burg Frankenstein.
  • Pumpkin Festival: By mid-October, you’ll see some carved out pumpkins on people’s doorsteps in the streets of Germany.
  • Reformationstag: Germany has another tradition in October. 31 that is actually centuries-long: Reformationstag. This a special day for Protestants to commemorate Martin Luther’s launch of the Reformation when he nailed the ninety-five theses to the Catholic castle church in Wittenberg, Germany. 

After knowing about the history of Halloween, let us tell you what were the trendy costumes for Halloween in 2018. In 2018, when we search for Halloween costumes which are getting popular in the world then we got these 10 Halloween costumes: 

  • Witch
  • Werewolf
  • Fortnite
  • Spider-Man
  • Unicorn
  • Harley Quinn
  • Superhero
  • Pirate
  • Princess

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In the above discussion, we’ve told you all the things that you should know about Halloween, the history of Halloween, Halloween Germany, Halloween costumes and everything. 

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Things To Consider Before Buying Items From Overseas

Organizations try to buy products abroad for an assortment of reasons, for example, purchasing mass things at a lower cost, accessing crude materials not found in local markets, or being unable to discover local organizations that are eager or ready to give an intricate service. myGermany is one such company from through this you can purchase your items from Germany and shipped with low cost, good quality and intricate services.

Regardless of whether your organization needs to buy crude materials abroad or needs to expand income by purchasing less expensive supplies, there are numerous issues to consider in the event that you go down this street. Your organization should decide if it is fit for going out on a risk related to international trade and building up an alternate plan for potential issues that may happen later on is a fundamental part of relieving these uncertainties.

With this post, you will be able to find the things you need to consider while buying items from overseas. 

Quality and Condition

Quality is a basic segment of any item and an absence of it very well may be monetarily destroying if your agreement does not have any prerequisites for stipulating quality. Utilizing abroad suppliers can convert into going out on risks and results, which can affect the quality and condition of your merchandise and services. Here there is one company on with you can rely on that is myGermany. You will be at least risk and will get the desired results.

You ought to think about how these variables into your choice to buy overseas. Think about what you will do if the item you ordered does not live up to your desires. By working with foreign providers, your operations will wind up reliant on the quality and states of the merchandise they give. At the point when issues with the nature of the products emerge, the additional separation among you and your abroad suppliers, alongside the distinctions in language, culture, and lawful guidelines can result in lengthy postponements in operations, manufacturing, and conveyance. So ask yourself: 

  • By what means will you figure out what can be considered as gathering an adequate “quality”? The quality can fluctuate significantly relying upon your line of business, your industry, and your objectives. 
  • In what capacity will you manage the issue of value when managing organizations and individuals from an alternate country, which may have an alternate understanding of what is considered a “quality” item? 
  • Imagine a scenario where the item arrives harmed, unusable or in unsellable condition? 
  • On account of perishable goods, consider the possibility that the refrigeration unit breakdowns and the item ruins during travel. 


So as to utilize any raw materials, it needs to arrive first and affirmation of conveyance can be a reason for concern, particularly on the off chance that you are manufacturing an item. Here at myGermany will assure to deliver your raw material as soon as possible so that you can do optimum utilization of your whole resources.

  • What will you do if the thing does not land on schedule or in the event that it never arrives? 
  • In what manner will you decide whether the delivery is finished and what will you do on the off chance that it is incomplete? This inquiry may appear to be basic enough in case you’re requesting a container of 100 Items, yet the way toward checking each request can turn out to be increasingly muddled with each extra box ordered. 
  • What will you do if an order is deficient and what impact will this have on your business? For example, what are the implications of accepting just 65 things from an order that was set for 100 things? 

Transportation may not exclusively be expensive, yet there can be dangers related with it and the dangers increase in respect to the separation between you and the supplier. myGermany also take full responsibility for the safe transportation of your material. It can likewise be expensive to transport heavy, bulky, or perishable merchandise, particularly when it requires unique handling. Contingent upon your business, you might need to consider the accompanying questions identifying with the transportation risk of purchasing abroad: 

  • Is the expense of transporting the great high in the extent to the sale price of the item being sold?
  • Will your organization bear the expense of transportation?
  • At what physical point will your organization acknowledge responsibility regarding transportation? International transactions can take a while for the conveyance to leave the supplier and touch base at the doors of the purchaser. For example, will your organization be responsible of transportation?
  • when the conveyance leaves the industrial doods of the abroad supplier? 
  • when the conveyance leaves the port from the nation that is sending out the item?
  • when the conveyance lands at the port of your nation? 


In business, timing can be everything. In case you’re buying merchandise that is occasional, the planning of how you get products will be imperative to consider. 

  • Timing your payments can likewise be dubious. When will you pay the supplier: before the conveyance or supply of the shipment? Additionally, will you pay the financing costs while the merchandise are in travel? 
  • On account of manufactured items, will the late entry of a segment cause the generation line to be held up? Provided that this is true, how dependent is your business on this part and what is the money risk with not accepting the segment on schedule? 
  • Consider the situation where your business buys Christmas stock, which is initially booked for way in October, yet arrives at the port toward the beginning of December. 
  • Will there be sufficient time to convey the products to the suitable stores in time for the Christmas selling season? 
  • Will your clients won’t pay if the products don’t arrive on schedule? 
  • Will there be sufficient time for the merchandise to sell before Christmas? If not, what will you do with the stock after Christmas? What amount of will you lose in sales and what amount of will it cost to store this stock?


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Get Your Kitchen Essentials Shipped Safely With myGermany

Get Your Kitchen Essentials Shipped Safely With myGermany

Meeting customers expectations is just not enough for the survival and growth of a business. Providing good quality products to customers doesn’t mean that your company has achieved its targets. There are many other paths on which the company has to focus. Companies need to offer a higher level of personal services.

As we all know, the customer is king and companies need to put consumer forward before taking any decision. By putting consumer requirements first will help the companies to maximize their profits.

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The best costumes for carnival

The best costumes for carnival

The carnival starts in Germany at the 11.11 at 11:11 o’clock with many parties everywhere, but specific in Cologne, Dusseldorf or Mainz.  Every city has his own description of carnival like Cologne and Dusseldorf with Karneval, otherwise Mainz with Fastnacht.

The summit of carnival is at the Rosenmontag and Faschingsdienstag with many hilarious parties and colourful removals. On Aschermittwoch ends this cheerfulness celebration.



But carnival is not only celebrated in Germany. Above all the carnival stands in Rio de Janeiro, where a samba school organized the first official carnival parade in 1932. Since then, countless samba schools have been established in Brazil, which today organise the annual carnival spectacle in Rio and are represented by up to 5,000 participants per school. The carnival significance at the Sugar Loaf is associated with glamour and glory. Every year it attracts jecken from all over the world to the Copacabana.

We want to present you the best costumes for single persons, couples/groups and children. Have fun and get inspired!


For single persons:

















For couples or friends:








For children:








How to Choose the Best International Shipping Company

Looking for a shipping company to ship your goods internationally? There are certain things you need to be sure of. Though choosing an ideal shipping company is an irksome task as you need to compare companies on some crucial features such as packaging, warehousing, security as well as proper loading and unloading and of course safe delivery on time. And any company that renders you the following can opt for shipping goods internationally. Some other features that one should look into while selecting a shipping company are-

No hidden charges– When you’re dealing with any International shipping company, you do not expect any charges pending after you’ve settled all the payments for your containers but many shipping companies request other hidden fees such as insurance and tax payments etc. With myGermany there are no hidden charges as it gives you detail info. of all charges it takes.


Transparent terms and policies– A shipping company should always make sure that the terms, conditions, and procedures given to the clients are clearly stated with the provision of questions and answers. Many non-professional companies work with an opaque contract. And charge you with useless fees without any explicit notification. But myGermany believes in transparency and it makes sure that their clients are well aware of all the terms, conditions and policies of the contract.

Safety of your cargo– Not every shipping agency gives you an insurance policy, this clearly states that your shipment is at your own risk. And, since you are not shipping contraband items, why can’t your goods be safe and sound throughout the journey? And this is why Insured International Shipment service by myGermany gives you a provision of safe delivery by ensuring your items.

Provision of moving boxes– A good shipping company will always provide you with the provision of moving boxes. This is done to make sure that your items are safe and secure in the container throughout the journey. These boxes ensure that all your items are packed together. And in case you items are taller than the available container, then the company should provide you with an open container to transport your goods safely. myGermany provides you with such boxes and makes the packaging a lot safer and secure.

Service fee– When it comes to choosing your shipping company, it’s important that you find out everything about it include the costs. It is not advisable to go for companies with a deficient charge, but there are still some sensible companies that will provide you with an excellent shipping service at a meager price. And myGermany holds a great reputation here.

Excellent delivery service– Another feature that needs to be considered before choosing any moving company is to check their packaging and delivery services. A good shipping company should be able to provide you with indoor packaging and unloading of goods. And with myGermany you get your items delivered safely at your doorstep.

Paper clearance– A good shipping company, should be familiar with the moving rules and regulations especially when you are shipping internationally. Therefore, it’s important to find out about the company and make sure that they have all the papers for moving items across the world. With myGermany you need not to worry about it as it takes care of everything.


So, if you’re on a hunt for choosing the best international shipping company you have it right here, myGermany has all the features that an ideal shipping company should have and it provides you with all the above-mentioned services and more. Therefore, contact myGermany and avail its services and experience the joy of shipping internationally.

2017 Resolutions: Travel more

2017 Resolutions: Travel more

Are you keeping up with your New Year’s resolutions? Let us help you stay on track with your plans for 2017! Over the last few weeks we already gave you lots of ideas on staying fit in 2017 and spending more time with the family. What else is on your list of resolutions for 2017? How about this one:

Travel more this year

One of our favourite resolutions: More vacation, more time off, more travelling, seeing new places and meeting new people. It is said that travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. Let us help you get rich in great experiences, fun adventures and memorable trips in 2017. Check out our partners to find everything for your next vacation.

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Take a trip to the snowy mountains this year – with snowboard and skiing equipment from amplid.de
Sportscheck Beach Wear SportScheck »
Get ready for your holiday in the sun with beach wear by SportScheck
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Special gifts for your Valentine

Special gifts for your Valentine

The day for the lovers is upon us: Valentine’s Day! On 14th February couples celebrate their love for one another by spending the day together, going on dates and giving each other special gifts. Every year many are overwhelmed with the task of finding the perfect present for their special someone for Valentine’s Day. It should be something that shows their love, it should be something She or He will like, something special. Let us help you find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift!

Pralinenbote Valentine's Day Gifts Pralinenbote.de »
Say it with chocolate! Surprise your special someone with a box of delicious German chocolates
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with a customisable Lebkuchen heart
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2017 Resolutions: More Family Time

2017 Resolutions: More Family Time

Today is the second issue of our New Year’s resolutions series, giving you lots of ideas that will help you stay on track with all your New Year’s resolutions for 2017. Last week we already covered staying fit and healthy in 2017. This week’s New Year’s resolution:

Spend more time with the family in 2017

Spending more time with the family is one of the most popular resolutions for the new year. And what is more important than the family, right? This could be taking trips with the whole family or simply spending time together at home playing games and relaxing as a family.

Check out our partners and find lots of ideas for the whole family.

Toys'R'Us Games for the whole family Toys’R’Us »
How about a games afternoon, doing puzzles and playing cards and board games with the whole family?
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All kinds of fun and games for all ages at GaleriaKaufhof.de
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Too cold outside to go out and play with the kids? Not with the right clothes from Sportscheck.de
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How about matching sweat leather pants for Dad and Baby Bavarian style?
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Be creative with arts and crafts together with the children


New Year’s Resolutions: Stay fit in 2017

New Year’s Resolutions: Stay fit in 2017

Happy New Year everyone! We hope you had a great celebration and a perfect start to the new year.

The start of a new year is always the time for new beginnings and New Year’s resolutions. Many people will try to be more healthy, do more exercise, spend more time with the families, don’t let themselves get stressed as much… What are your resolutions for the new year?

Over the next weeks we will show you lots of ideas to help you stay on track with all your resolutions this year. This week’s resolution:

Stay fit and healthy in 2017

And what is more helpful than the perfect outfit and gear for your exercise sessions at the gym or at home, running or cycling in nature, swimming, snowboarding….? With our partners you will easily keep your motivation and stay fit and healthy in style!

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BodyBrands4you helps you stay fit from equipment to fitness trackers and superfoods
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Merry Christmas Everyone

Merry Christmas Everyone

We wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Thank you for your support this year. We look forward to delivering lots and lots of parcels to you around the globe again in the new year!

How do you celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve? Do you have any traditions and special activities you do during the holidays? Have you ever wondered how other countries celebrate Christmas? Here’s a short insight into the German Christmas and New Year’s Eve traditions and celebrations:

Christmas inGermany

24th December – Heiligabend

Today, the 24th of December, is Christmas Eve, or as we call it in Germany Heiligabend (translated ‘holy night’). This is the day families and friends exchange their gifts. It starts out as a normal work day, however, in the afternoon shops and offices will be closed to prepare for the holidays. Many families attend a church service on the 24th, either in the afternoon or at midnight, before/after having dinner with the family. There is not really one traditional meal that Germans eat on Christmas. Many keep it simple and have carp with potato salad, however, also roast goose and duck as well as deer are favourites on the Christmas dinner table.

In the evening the presents will be laid underneath the elegantly decorated Christmas tree, which is a must-have for most families. It is then that the Chrimas gifts are exchanged, in the dim light of the Christmas tree lights (sometimes these can be real candles) and a plate of Christmas cookies and Lebkuchen on the table along with some (mulled) wine or hot chocolate. It’s a family celebration.

Christmas in Germany

25th and 26th December – First and Second Christmas Day

Both days are public holidays in Germany and are usually celebrated with those family members, who were not all able to come together on Christmas Eve. The First and Second Christmas Day are mostly spent with the extended family who gather for lunch and/or dinner. Goose or rabbit are popular dishes to eat on Christmas Day. Of course German delicacies such as potato dumplings and red cabbage cannot be missing on any plate during Christmas. Depending on how many family members there are to visit, the Second Christmas Day is either spent with more family or rather quietly. It is often spent recovering from all the food eaten during the previous days.

Christmas in Germany

New Year’s Eve: Silvester in Germany

New Year’s Eve, the last day of the year is called Silvester in Germany. There is no one traditional way of how this night is spent, however, many traditions take place on this day. Many families and friends join together for a nice dinner. This can be all kinds of food from raclette or fondue to Sauerkraut with sausages – actually, it is said if you eat Sauerkraut on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day, your pockets shall be filled with money in the new year. Fireworks can be watched all over the country, you can buy your own fireworks or watch the larger ones organised by the public. It is also a tradition to watch the movie Dinner for One before midnight, which is broadcast on TV every year.

New Year's Eve in Germany

However it is you spend the holidays this year, we wish you a wonderful Christmas and all the best for the new year. May all your wishes come true and your shopping carts be filled with the best deals.

Best wishes, frohe Weihnachten und einen guten Rutsch!

(literal meaning:
Have a merry Christmas and slide into the new year well)