Celebrate the Day of German Unity with us! - myGermany.com

The “Tag der Deutschen Einheit” is the national day of Germany, commemorating the anniversary of German reunification in 1990. It is celebrated on 3 October as a public holiday all over Germany.
But how could we celebrate the last states joining the German union better than to remember the legacy the GDR left – in particular with it’s iconic brands and products?
Enjoy our selection of former GDR products that have managed to even further increase their popularity in Germany! If you haven’t heard of them yet you should definitely take a look – especially if you’re a gourmet, collector or history lover!

ossiladen-600 Ossiladen – Pure Nostalgia »
Long forgotten brands & DDR fan products
rotkaeppchen-291 Rotkäppchen Prosecco »
Party the East German way
bautzner-291 Bautz’ner Mustard »
The best – since 1866
sandmaennchen-600 Sandmännchen – Fan articles »
The famous & iconic children’s animated TV show