Kids' clothes and baby food from Germany -

Germany is known to be a very children-friendly place. A big part in that have increadibly cheap prices for children’s clothing, baby food and other products for little ones. If you’re always looking for new affordable clothing for your children or your family is about to grow by an additional member, you’re at the right place! We collected the best shops to get all the products you need. And don’t worry about shipping – we are taking care of that!

Baby food, diapers
and other essentials:
Rossman »Rossmann – baby food

Otto »

OTTO – baby clothing

 Huge selection
of kids’ shoes
mirapodo »Mirapodo – kid's shoes

Everything a child needs,
from clothing to toys:
Jako »

JAKO-O – everything for children

Big selection of
high quality toys:
Galeria Kaufhof »
GALERIA Kaufhof – toys
Summer fashion
for the young ones:
Galeria Kaufhof »

GALERIA Kaufhof – children's summer fashion

Children’s beddings,
towels and more:
Erwin Müller »

Erwin Müller – children's beddings

fashion on sale:
Ernsting’s family »

Ernstings family – reduced chilren's fashion