myGermany purchases Amazon Germany items
and delivers worldwide

We purchase, pick-up, pack securely, consolidate, execute customs processes & ship your Amazon Items from Germany internationally to your country. is a Germany based warehouse packaging and logistic company, delivering Amazon items into 220 countries at amazing rates thanks to collaboration with DHL, FedEx, UPS and DB Schenker. We provide a German shipping address, individual customer and mail & package forwarding service. We even purchase on your behalf, pay, check, photograph, store, consolidate & repack your items, and take over customs handling & the preparation of customs documents.m

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We purchase, pay or pick up for you. And we consolidate your Amazon purchases!

Either you shop yourself, or ee purchase, pay or pick up for you. And we consolidate your Amazon purchases!

Shop yourself and get it delivered to our warehouse. Or let myGermany pay for your won auctions and Buy-it-now purchases. If you want, we even take over the pick up processes.

Any questions? Contact our Concierge Service Germany Team.

Get access to amazing products on eBay Germany or even on Amazon Germany.

How to shop Amazon and get it delivered to you by myGermany

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Shop at Amazon or ask our Concierge to purchase for you

Shop online and enter your myGermany delivery address at Amazon Checkout. Or use our Concierge who can shopp for you.

We inform you once your order has reached our warehouse

In your myGermany Account you decide how to be forwarded to you. You can consolidate or ship directly, add additional packaging material and let us prepare export papers.

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International Insured Door-to-Door Freight & Package Forwarding

We take over the entire shipping process incl. customs communication. Packages can be sent in 3-7 days so you, pallets in 4-12 days.

Package & Freight Forwarder #1 from Germany.
Why you should use myGermany for your items?

Contact our Amazon Agents!

We can help you get the German products you always wanted!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, repacking & consolidation is free. We consolidate automatically when you initiate shipment of several orders. Or you can opt for manual consolidation before you initiate the shipment – so we can consider special requirements. We will repacked and combine them into as little packages as possible. After completion we will notify you via eMail and a new package will appear in your Inbox.

For sake of handling, we normally consolidate up to 30kg maximum per package.

Yes we do! We use high-quality materials that we buy ourselves, or material submitted by our carrier partners.

For additional requirements you can instruct us to use more than average packaging material. Several options are available in your account.

Yes. We handle the whole communication, payment and pick up if demanded. Packed or unpacked. Minimum Pick-up charge is 20,00 €. If higher costs occur, we will discuss with you before executing the Pick-up.

Please also note that some articles are not in condition for an international transport, myGermany will check that upfront.

We pack & secure everything, and execute the shipment and customs processes. In order to provide a quote, we need to know

– description & value
– weight & dimensions – of packed or unpacked goods
– how is it packed, do you need any packaging services
– pick up address and conditions, location
– final delivery address
– who takes care for the customs clearance
– are you acting as business or private
– do you prefer sea or air

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+49 3643 776222-0