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Loyalty Program for myGermany Packaging Forwarding Customers

With our loyalty program customers can save money when sending packages with myGermany. The more you send the higher the discount on the next packages sent for our package forwarding customers in Standard and Sensitive account model. There is now a scale in your account that shows your discount amount.

Every package you send with us, counts for your discount. But also for the environment – myGermany goes green. myGreen.

Cumulated Yearly Shipping Revenue Discount Status Explanation
EUR 0.00 – 500.00
You dont get a monetary benefit, but our customer service ladies are there to support you for every query – package, pallet, freight or any bulky item… we are supporting you!
EUR 501.00 – 5,000.00
You get 3% discount on your shipping fees. You know our services already and are confident in using myGermany!
EUR 5,001.00 – 12,000.00
You get 7% discount on your shipping fees. We know your behavior and are already confident in providing you the most suitable services you need!
EUR 12,001.00 onwards
You get 10% discount on your shipping fees. We know you; and you know us. We trust each other and reward your loyality with 10%.


Earn Money with each registration & shipment our customers do...

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