Your German Delivery Address to Shop in Germany


Nordstrasse 3
99427 Weimar

Your (virtual) German Delivery Address

Get your forwarding address to use our forwarding service!

We provide you with a home address (not a post box address) as your new delivery address in Germany, which you can use as your “shipping address” for all your online purchases in Europe.

Your new German delivery address is actually our warehouse, where we check, photograph, store and consolidate your items for free, before we forward them to you. Learn more about our entire forwarding services.

Our warehouse is located in the “green heart” of Germany: the beautiful city of Weimar in Thuringia.

(Please mind that the billing address should be you actual address.)

What is the difference between a home address and a post box address?

A home address is the better one for our purpose of having a delivery address in Germany! Because it’s a “normal” address, which does not include any post box numbers etc. which could be read as a commercial or company address.
Some merchants do not deliver to post box addresses but to home addresses only.

How to use my new German forwarding address?

When checking out at the German online shop, just enter your delivery address as follows. Please mind, that your your myGermany address must be the delivery address only. Your billing address should be your actual address (if this is not possible, please contact us).

Can my new German delivery address by my billing-address?

No, as per German laws your billing address has to be your actual address (to prevent any fraud-attempts and to protect merchants). If this is not possible, please contact us.
(As per law we are forced to return parcels to merchant, if the billing address is our myGermany address. But we have a solution in place…)

Sample of your German Delivery Address:

German Delivery Address

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