Return Shipping Management & Refurbishment for your Business

Services for businesses selling items in Germany (on ebay, amazon, or other market places).

myGermany receives your return shipments, reports the conditions, repacks, destroys or sends back to you – you take full control how your returns shall be processed!

Easy Handling! Use our myGermany warehouse as your Return Shipment Address. We receive your goods and store them until you instruct how to process: Consolidating and shipping to you? Repacked shipping to customers? Destroying`

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Why myGermany can manage your Return Shipments?

– 3,000 square meter warehouse
– Dashboard can show you pictures, conditions and more information per package
– Receiving over 1,000 packages a day
– 60,000 returning customers
– Branded cardboards 

Return Management & Forwarder #1 from Germany.
Why you should use myGermany!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. If you open a Business Premium Account, you will receive your own address including your business name.

Yes. Please contact us. Costs depend on the character of your items.

Yes. In your account you have the options to check for Inspection and Uploading or Removing Documents.

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