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myGermany ships your Alcohol from Germany internationally.
Parcels, pallets or larger freight loads in containers.
(Wine, Whiskey, Spirits & Beer)

International Alcohol Shipping with myGermany: We know the shipping rules in EU & Non-EU and how to pack & ship your bottles of alcohol. Trust myGermany as expert in parcel forwarding since 2012. Within Europe we can ship alcohol without limitations. To Non-EU countries different rules apply. We will guide you on that! myGermany is certified to pack & ship alcohol via Air, Road, Sea. Via Air we use DHL Weltpaket Premium, DHL Express and FedEx Express. We will screen all incoming packages in our warehouse, mark them and will inform you in your account about additional costs and possible shipping options.

Since 2012 reliable alcohol shipper to more than 150 countries & 100.000 customers
We are experts in import and export regulations and assure the fastest possible delivery to you. We deliver fast at low prices always according to local customs and trade regulations for wine, spitirs, beet etc.

  • Selection of several carriers and shipping methods via Air, Sea, Road, Mix
  • Packaging Service (Pallets, Sea Crates etc.)
  • Customs Documents Preparation & Customs Clearance
  • Personal Contact and Feedback within 24h

International Alcohol Shipment Germany
Wine, Whiskey, Spirits, Beer etc.

Tel: +49 (0) 3643 776 222-1


Packaging Service for your Alcohol Bottles

We provide you with adequate packaging for your bottles.

Standard Packaging myGermany
Strong Packaging myGermany
Strongest Packaging myGermany

How to shop alcohol in Germany &
get it delivered by myGermany

Shop at any Store or
ask our Concierge to purchase for you

Shop online and enter your myGermany delivery address at any Store-Checkout. Or use our Concierge who can shopp for you.

We inform you once your order
has reached our warehouse

In your myGermany Account you decide how to be forwarded to you. You can consolidate or ship directly, add additional packaging material and let us prepare export papers.

International Insured Door-to-Door
Freight & Package Forwarding for Furniture

We take over the entire shipping process incl. customs communication. Packages can be sent in 3-7 days so you, pallets in 4-12 days.

Why myGermany for international Alcohol shipment?

Alcohol (Beer, Wine, Spitits etc.) Shipping Service from Germany

15 Years Experience

in secure international package & freight packaging, shipping & export regulators.

We Focus With Care

on your items and pack it accordingly – No Mass Processing.


International Package & Freight Forwarding competency.

100.000 Returning Customers

Ship packages, pallets, kitchen devices, spare parts, antiquie items etc.

International Alcohol Shipping Services from Germany.
Collection, Packing, Quality Checks, Export Papers & International Shipment.


Are you looking for a safe and cost-effective way to pack bottles and ship them internationally? We support pickups, packaging, export papers generation and international shipment. With our service we offer tailor-made solutions for bottle shipping. Alcohol bottles are sensitive goods! Inadequate packaging creates damage. That’s why we work according to a set of internally defined standards for the packaging and safe shipping of bottles: To deliver the goods, we check whether the bottles fit into the selected boxes. Due to our experience in this area, we can advise you in detail.
If necessary, we use a tested filler to ensure safety during transport. Empty cells are filled with the appropriate filler material. Only the permitted number of bottles will be placed in the package and it will not be filled with other items. Whether wine packaging or beer bottle packaging, with the right adhesive tape the boxes can be stuck together well. If necessary, additional warnings draw attention to the sensitive content.

How to pack alcohol in parcels for international shipping.

Packaging instructions for shipping alcohol bottles in small quantities internationally: Place each bottle in an airtight plastic bag inside the bottle carton. If you want, you can add a layer of bubble wrap or foam to each box for extra cushioning. If you are shipping bottles with other personal items in the package, fill the empty spaces between the bottles with other items for additional protection. Close the box and seal the edges and corners of the box with tape. Add the shipping label if necessary. You can also add a “fragile” label when shipping glass bottles. If you hire us, we will do all that for you!

How to pack alcohol on pallets for international shipping.

For larger load alcohol shipping using a pallet delivery service internationally, the best way to ship safely to your customers is to prepare the pallet as follows: Pack the bottles or cans in boxes according to the parcel shipping instructions above. Line the surface of the mattress with sheets of corrugated cardboard. Place cardboard or Styrofoam sheets between each box to prevent them from bumping into each other.
Place the boxes on top. Make sure they do not protrude above the mattress surface. Pay attention to the mattress manufacturer’s weight information. Secure the shipment to the pallet with straps and wrap it tightly in stretch film or bubble wrap. If you hire us, we will do all that for you!

Shipping costs for Alcohol shipping internationally?

Costs for shipping bottles are calculated separately for each order, so that you always get the best conditions. The calculation includes, among other things, the quantity, size and weight of the bottles. myGermany enable fast and flexible delivery of your goods. Contact our on-site staff for personal advice. In a joint discussion, we will determine your personal needs and design an offer for you with the best conditions.


myGermany as your Full Service Provider for international Alcohol shipping.

Whether you need a pack of beer in a box, pack a bottle of wine or want to transport empty glass bottles, the success of shipping your goods depends largely on the service provider you choose. Experienced suppliers are able to offer a wide range of services that go far beyond delivery. We care of all relevant shipping steps for retailers, manufacturers and private individuals. We also offer the option of storing goods for a fee if required. You have the choice between a tailor-made delivery service: We collect the unpackaged goods from you and take care of the rest. We are also happy to accept goods that have already been packaged and transport them safely to the desired destination. Storage and collection of individual orders is also possible. Contact our freight agents!

International Shipment of Alcohol with every courier?

Not all courier companies will ship alcohol internationally. Each courier has specific rules and requirements for different deliveries and services. myGermany will investigate your received packages and recommend the courier designated for your route.

Alcohol shipment to the USA?

Most postal services do not allow alcoholic beverages to be sent by post. myGermany partners with carriers and is entitled to ship alcohol into the USA.
Licensed alcohol shippers are permitted to import alcohol into the United States using licensed couriers if they comply with state laws and local regulations regarding alcohol shipping.

Regulations on shipping alcohol internationally

Sending alcohol is common practice, even though different restrictions apply in different countries across the globe.
For businesses it depends on the countries of collection and delivery, different rules may apply. Generally, freight shipments of alcoholic beverages such as wine, beer or cider are perfectly legal and are even covered by our transport insurance. In order to book freight shipments of stronger drinks such as whiskey or vodka, please contact our freight agents!
Individuals can receive alcohol more or less legally. However, when it comes to shipping alcohol in Europe or internationally as an individual, it is worth noting that most courier companies include alcoholic drinks on their list of restricted and prohibited items. Despite this restriction, many people still send alcoholic drinks as gifts abroad by post or courier at their own risk. We recommend checking the rules and regulations of the pick-up and delivery countries in advance.

Cheapest way to ship alcoholic bottles gloablly?

Finding the cheapest or better the most economic way to ship alcohol internationally is our standard service. You can get an instant quote by entering your shipment details in the shipping cost calculation tool above!

Ready to start Shopping Alcohol in Germany? Get it delivered internationally with myGermany.

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