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Cost Overview

Price List myGermany Services

The following table shows all total prices, no additional fees will occur. Costs of our logistic partners are already included. For any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our team. Compare myGermany service-rates »

Registration 1,00 €
will be refunded after registration
Membership free
Reception free
generic of envelope / parcel and content
automatically free included
Picture option
detailed of content / items
1,00 €
Scan of parcel documents option
such as invoice or delivery note, general per item / parcel
1,00 €
Storage up to 1 cbm
after 60 days free of storage
free up to 60 days
3,00 € per package per day
Return handling fee
return shipments within Germany, caused by merchant
Return handling fee
return shipments within Germany, caused by you
10,00 €
Item management, discard or disposal free
Repacking free
Consolidation free
Shrinking Package free
Splitting Package 10,00 €
Drop Shipment option free
Discreet Shipment option free
Pro forma invoice free
Customs documents and customs handling / clearance free
Customs declaration and customs handling / clearance
applicable for values > 1.000 €
20,00 €
per five custom tariff nr.
Additional packaging material for fragile items option
more than normal / average packaging material, e.g. lamps, vases etc.
3,00 €
Remove and disposal of documents option 1,00 €
Upload / attach documents option 1,00 €
Packages, incl. DHL and FedEx fees Shipping Cost Calculator
Letter < 500 g, incl. postage fees * 10,00 € worldwide
Letter < 1.000 g, incl. postage fee * 15,00 € worldwide
* Daily or weekly option, automatic forwarding
* On demand option, on demand forwarding
5,00 € per month
Shopping assistance with your purchase 10% of the order value
costs min. 3,00 € 
Pick-up service 20,00 €
if higher costs occur we will charge you 1:1
Document Scan Service
Scan, per page *
* Automatic option, automatic scan
* OnDemand option, on demand scan
0,30 €, min. 2,00 € 
5,00 € per month
Disposal / discard of documents free

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