First-In First-Out Concept:

Received packages will directly be forwarded the same day we receive them. No time-consuming opening, checking, repacking, consolidation.
Thus you save 20% compared to our standard shipping rates!

  • Package Consolidation Service

    You save 20% on your final Shipping Costs!

    Packages will be treated with utmost confidentiality, and with priority! We will notify you via eMail and in Inbox when receiving the package, you need to select the shipping options and pay/initiate the shipping order, then packages will be sent as received immediately without time-consuming process-steps in-between. Incoming damaged packages of course will be repacked.

    Drop Shipment vs Standard Shipment?
    Standard shipments take more time as they are automatically or manually consolidated. For standard shipments we repack new, as we dont do that with Drop Shipment. Thus, we can guarantee the fastest processing time possible!

    Transport Insurance?
    Our standard partner insurance will be applied automatically to Drop Shipments, you cannot insure higher values. Please make sure such shipments are packed correctly and secure. As we do not open, check, or pack newly such shipments, we cannot take over liability for myGermany services.

    Restrictions – when is Drop Shipment not available?

    • We need to handle Drop Shipments differently from the very beginning when we receive them in our warehouse. Thus, an already received package which was not defined as Drop Shipment, cannot be turned into Drop Shipment when already stored in our warehouse.
    • For Deutsche Warenpost, freight items, and Concierge orders it will not be possible to use Drop Shipment.
    • Drop Shipment can only be applied for packages which pass our warehouse, not for pickups which are sent directly.
    • Packages exceeding 32kg and the girth of 300cm cannot be hanlded as Drop Shipment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is my package a Drop Shipment Package?

We need to know that your package is meant for Drop-shipment the same time we receive it at gate!Thus, you need to define the Drop Shipment Status when entering a New Delivery in your Inbox / Customer Account.This happens BEFORE we have received your package.

Do you repack or inspect Drop Shipment Packages?

Normally we dont repack or inspect these packages  we dont open them. Thus, we can guarantee the fastest processing time!

If we receive a damaged package, we will of curse check, repack and inform you. 

Can I use Drop Shipment for freight or bulky items?

No, that is normally not possible because these kind of shipments always require additional handling and packaging in order to send it as save as possible.

Can a pickup-package be a Drop Shipment?

No, packages we pick up from Germany or Europe are treated as normal packages.

Can I change the status Drop Shipment for my Package?

Yes, as long as we have not yet receive the package you can change the status in your Inbox / Customer Account or by contacting us.

International Shipping. What can be forwarded?

Spare Parts
And Many More

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