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Frequently Asked Questions

My package is arrived in your warehouse ... it is shown in my Inbox - and now?

Your items have been moved from the EXPECTED BOX to the INBOX because they have reached our warehouse!You will find all relevant information in your account, such as photos, status, condition, description, weight etc.Now you need to be active: put the items you want to get forwarded into the OUTBOX. Here you will be led automatically with the next steps: you can calculate the shipping fees, you can select the shipment provider and you will be asked to pay. As soon as you have completed the payment, we will initiate the shipment!

Costs? Service Rates? Comparison Service-Costs.

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Can I use myGermany immediately after I am registered?

Yes. We will send you an automatic confirmation mail right away after your 1,00 EUR registration one off payment.

Do you handle the customs clearance processes?

Yes, we do in most cases. Normally, the carrier executes the import clearance within the delivery process and will charge recipients later. In some cases/countries, it might be that the carrier will contact recipients before delivery for any clarifications. Please check also our tax information. Here you can check our carrier’s information.

Can I ship Perfume, Alcohol, or any technical devices such as Smartphones, Mobile Phones, Laptops (Lithium Ion Battery)?

Yes and No.

Please check here in detail:

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What can be Forwarded?

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Spare Parts
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