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Amazon Fulfilment Services for Chinese Customers

Testimonial Worldy AG – Import, Warehousing Services & Delivery into Amazon Fulfilment FC

Worldy Ag is an Chinese eCommerce company. We have imported several shipments for Worldy AG (45ft HQ container, 20ft container, pallets via sea, air and train). We have executed import and customs clearance on their behalf, but also on myGermany providing our EORI number and VAT ID. Within our warehouse we have executed quality checks, palletised and prepared the shipments for the Amazon Fulfilment Centers considering Amazon compliance rules. The actual shipment to the Amazon warehouse has happened with DBSchenker and DHL as preferred Amazon suppliers.

Amazon Fulfilment

Amazon palletization myGermany
Amazon palletization myGermany
Amazon palletization myGermany
Amazon palletization myGermany
Quality Checks
Quality Checks
Quality Cheks
Return Shipments

Import & Customs Clearance Handling

We have imported on customers behalf to Germany, and also on our behalf using our EORI Number and VAT ID Taken over the entire processes, we have billed as per our Standard Import Rates:

119 € Customs Clearance incl. handling 2 positions, each further 7,50 € 
39 € Handling
as per outlay Taxes / Fees
Outlay 2-3%

Services Warehousing, Quality-Checks, Storage & Palletization

Quality-Checks with pictures were executed always. Smaller items have been stored for free, taller for 5 € per 1 cbm per 10 days. Our warehouse guys mostly had to remove Chinese labels from packages in order to replace with customer Amazon stickers. Then packages were palletised as per Amazon rules. Our standard working effort was billed with 59,00 € per working hour. Amazon compliant pallets:

max. 180cm high
EPAL/EURO pallets only
using transparent foil to secure packages onto pallet
certain labels onto packages
marks / notes outside the pallets

*not taking care of that, Amazon rejects pallets and fines penalties

Transportation Road, Sea, Rail & Air

Thanks to our collaboration with DHL, FedEx and DB Schenker (preferred Amazon supplierwe have delivered fast either from port, airport or our warehouse directly to any Amazon Fulfilment Centers Leipzig, Werder, and Rheinsdorf. We have organised freight as per our standard trucking rates within Germany:

50kg 30-50€
500kg 70-150€
2.000kg 200-400€

*ask us for discounted trucking rates within Europe »

Shipment & Distribution within Germany & Europe

Thanks to our frame contracts with Deutsche Post, DHL and FedEx we ship from 1kg to 100kg to affordable rates here within Germany and Europe B2B and B2C. We bill the shipping as per partners pure shipment costs plus a small amount for myGermany`s effort. Standard Rates are:

Kilogram Package myGermany effort Shipment within Germany Shipment within EU Shipment within Europe
< 1kg 2-10 € 5 € 12 € 14 €
< 3kg 2-10 € 6 € 12 € 14 €
< 5kg 5-10 € 7 € 12 € 14 €
< 10kg 5-15 € 8 € 12 € 20-22 €
< 20kg 5-15 € 11 € 14-16 € 30-40 €
< 30kg > 5-20 € > 13 € > 14-26 € > 30-40 € >


Handling of Worldy AG clients Return Shipments3

We gather all incoming return shipments, add relevant information into Worldy AGs account – thus they have a complete overview of the returns. As soon as they initiate or once a month we ship the consolidated items at discounted rates back to China.

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