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Certified Lithium Battery Logistics
We collect, pack & ship your Lithium goods internationally.

International Certified Lithium Shipment. Made-in-Germany.

myGermany is certified to ship internationally: eBikes, Batteries/Accus, Charging Items, or any goods containing, packed or inside equipment lithium or lithium ion batteries.

Lithium Ion batteries are always classified as Dangerous Goods. Beside specific shipping restrictions, which may increase the shipping costs, a special declaration has to be made. This will be done by myGermany, but can be shipped with selected partners only. We also execute international Full Dangerous Goods Shipping.
Check also our International E-Bike Shipping Services.

International Shipping with myGermany: Wether documents, parcels, packages or pallets worldwide; your customers or business partners all over the world? myGermany provides international shipping outside the EU as Full Service. Lithium Air or Sea freight and customs formalities require a high level of expertise. Import and export regulations vary greatly from country to country and must be meticulously observed to avoid delays or, in the worst case, delivery failures or return shipments. With myGermany you have found the perfect partner for international shipping.

Since 2012 reliable lithium shipper to more than 150 countries & 100.000 customers
We are experts in import and export regulations and assure the fastest possible deliveries around the globe. We deliver fast at low prices always according to local customs and trade regulations.

  • Selection of several carriers and shipping methods via Air, Sea, Road, Mix
  • Packaging Service (Pallets, Sea Crates etc.)
  • Customs Documents Preparation & Customs Clearance
  • Personal Contact and Feedback within 24h

Germany – Lithium Li-Ion Logistic
Tel: +49 (0) 3643 776 222-1

Shipping Lithium Batteries internationally.
Pick up, Packaging, Quality Checks, Export Papers & International Shipping.


If you intend to send any goods containing or are packed with lithium or lithium ion batteries, you shouldn’t take any risks. myGermany is certified (PK1 & PK2) in transporting lithium products globally.

myGermany uses international Lithium express carriers.

International e-commerce customers expect short delivery times globally. Industrial companies operating globally must deliver goods, parts or intermediate products on time to locations around the world. International documents need to reach the recipient quickly and safely. Our delivery services are extremely reliable. You have full transparency about tracking at all times. And for particularly critical shipments, we offer international express shipping.

International Lithium shipping by air freight.

Lithium Batteries or Lithium Ion Batteries need to reach your destination as fast and safe as possible – via air, road or sea – air shipping is often the best but most complicated option for Lithium Items. Airplanes are particularly suitable as a means of transportation for time-critical deliveries. With relatively high freight fees, it is important that all export formalities are handled correctly so that the advantage of time at customs is not lost again.

Price differences for Lithium goods in packages, parcels, pallets or containers.

International shipping costs vary greatly. For an international package prices can be from 10 to 300.00 EUR. Fortunatelly, myGernany and its network of international partners can keep your international shipping costs low by selecting the right services for your shipping needs. Whether you are looking for a cheap rate for international document shipping, want to optimize your international goods shipping in the long term or want to send a special machine: we will find the best offers for you.

myGermany as delivery service provider for Lithium Ion goods.

Our greatest asset is our expertise and experience in transporting lithium goods. This is already evident in our packaging service: We know exactly which items we need to pack and how we need to pack them so that they can be transported safely – and we also know what needs to be taken into account when transporting or choosing a courier service.

Customs import & export regulations are taken care of by myGermany.

For deliveries outside the EU, the customs and import regulations of the importing country apply. myGermany will check the export and import constraints before the shipment actually is initiated and will discuss with you the feasability before starting the international shipment process!




myGermany as certified Lithium shipper.

There is a lot of attention for lithium ion batteries these days. They power smart phones, tablets and electric vehicles that we will all drive one day. They are also considered dangerous goods (DG) from a shipping perspective and, therefore, require special packaging, labeling and storage – along with meeting a long list of government regulations and supplier requirements.
myGermany is certified in packing and shipping Lithium internationally.

Why is Lithium shipping so problematic?

Unlike traditional alkaline batteries that are widely used in your home, most lithium batteries contain a flammable electrolyte and have an incredibly high energy density. They can overheat and ignite under certain conditions, such as in the event of a short circuit, contact with water or physical damage that may occur during a long voyage.
This is why carrier regulations and restrictions are so strict. And these requirements apply door to door. This means that first and last mile truck drivers, warehouse operators and container freight stations – in addition to air and ocean carriers – must have the appropriate experience and certification to handle dangerous goods.

Are there special documents required to ship Lithium Ion batteries internationally?

Yes. Although not always required, a dangerous goods declaration is one of the most important forms documenting the type of cargo and the associated hazards. The exact UN code must be specified as this determines the applicable regulations. You must also provide the product’s Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). Additionally, lithium batteries must undergo a series of tests at the factory to verify their ability to withstand heat, vibration, and more. The US Department of Transportation (DOT) now requires manufacturers and distributors to provide “test summaries” to suppliers. This requirement applies worldwide and is now certified by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

How to pack Lithium goods for global shipment?

As for shipping, most of the packaging is done at the factory, with an emphasis on separating individual batteries to avoid short circuits or physical damage. The way lithium batteries are shipped determines how they should be packaged and labeled. To ensure compliance with all regulations, shippers must obtain authorization to package dangerous goods.
Batteries must be placed in a non-metallic inner packaging that completely encloses the cell or battery and isolates each from contact with electrically conductive materials (e.g. metal).
They should be packed to prevent slipping that could cause damage.
Electric vehicle batteries contained in vehicles or devices must be securely fastened in the battery holder.
A large portion of electric vehicle battery shipments come through Asia, where monsoon rains can penetrate poorly protected outer packaging and damage the goods. Heavy-duty shrink wrap and plastic wrap are a wise investment. Dimerco uses such techniques to ship batteries and protect high-value semiconductor products. For more details on these packaging techniques, see our eBook: Optimize Your Electronics Supply Chain. Freight forwarders, such as myGermany, pay attention to the following on the outer packaging:
Identify charger type (e.g. lithium-ion batteries)
Class 9 lithium battery label
UN Directorate General identification number
Name and address of the sender or recipient
Markings such as the one below for lithium batteries must be permanently affixed or printed, legible and weatherproof.


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Why myGermany for your Lithium Ion battery shipment?

Li-Ion Shipping Service from Germany

15 Years Experience

in secure international package & freight packaging, shipping & export regulators.

We Focus With Care

on your items and pack it accordingly – No Mass Processing.


International Package & Freight Forwarding competency.

100.000 Returning Customers

Ship packages, pallets, kitchen devices, spare parts, antiquie items etc.

Ready to start shipping Lithium from Germany?

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Package Forwarding work from Germany?

You can get packages sent to myGermany warehouse when you shop in Germany. Therefore you need to enter our address in the CheckOut (please register here >>). Once we have received your package, you need to define the next steps (consolidation, repacking, add/remove documents, select shipping method and transport insurance etc.)

Details please check here >>

How much does package forwarding from Germany cost? Are there andy additional fees or taxes with package forwarding?

You pay us only once you initiate the shipment. If we forward your package as it is there are no additional fees, Shipping Cost Calculator >>

We dont ask for any additional fees, except the additional services you require in your account (cost overview).
Check also your Membership Plans >>

If you ship form Germany to Non-EU countries, tax and duty might occur, which is to be paid by you. Please read more here >>

How are Shipping Rates Determined for package forwarding?

Our shipping rate is composed of the cost of shipping service provider and our margin. So it already includes packing, customs paper/shipping paper preparation, outgoing and incoming customs clearance and delivery to the customer. It also covers all of our costs.

The costs of our shipping partners are based on zones (countries) – the further away from Germany and heavier the shipment, the more expensive the shipping.


Do you Repack? Can I Consolidate Multiple Packages into one shipment for cost savings?

Yes, we repack and consolidate for free. We use our own strong packaging material and 2-wavy cardboards.

We eveb provide a sophasticated and time-taking consolidation process where we unpack and newly repack in order to get it shipped the most economical way possible. That is done for our Premium Members >>

Are there any Subscription Plans for frequent users?

Yes there are.
Please check here:

Do you provide Photographs of my items/parcels?

Yes, we take pictures of each incoming parcel for Premium and Business members. Please check our memberships here. A Detailed Pictures option is available in your account.

What Shipping Carriers are commonly used for package forwarding from Germany?

List of our partners, with them we collaborate and their rates we provide to you.

For Packages (Road, Air) we use:
– DHL Weltpaket (Economy & Premim)
– FedEx Economy & Premium
– UPS Standard & Expedited & Express
– DPD Standard & Express

For Freight (Sea, Rail, Air, Road) we use:
– DHL Global Forwarding
– FedEx Freight
– DBSchenker

More details check here >>

What are the typical Delivery Times for forwarded packages?

Please check our Shipping Cost Calculator entering your country and you will see the shipping time for each shipping method.

Do package forwarding services offer Transport Insurance options?

Yes, we can insure each package up to 500,00 EUR. For higher insurance please check here:

What should I do if my package is Damaged or Lost during the forwarding process?

We can insure every parcel up to 500,00 EUR for free. Please check here Transport Insurance >>

In case you need to file a claim, we will support you! Check here How to file a claim >>

Can I Change the Shipping Address after the package is forwarded?

It depends on the carrier you selected:

DHL Express – yes it is normally possible, normally for free.
FedEx Economy & Express – yes it is normally possible, normally for free.
DHL Weltpaket – no it is not possible.
UPS Standard & Express – no it is not possible.
DPD Standard & Express – no it is not possible.

Can I Track my package during the forwarding process?

Yes, each package is traceable. Please check here >>

Are there any Size or Weight Restrictions for packages being forwarded from Germany?

No, we can send small and very large bulky items, wherefore we provide pickup, packaging, shipping and customs clearance services.

Check here for more details >>
Special Shipment Treatment >>
Bulky Shipment Samples >>

What Customer Support options or Communication Channels do you offer?

We do answer emails within 24h during business hours Monday to Friday 08:00 to 15:00 CET.

We also provide a Live-Chat with human employees Monday to Friday 08:00 to 15:00 CET, and if our employees are not available our Bot will help 🙂

Our FAQs also provide lots of useful information.

Can I Return items to German online stores if I'm not satisfied with my purchase?

We support you with returns!

Within Germany
From myGermany to original seller: In cases of wrong or damaged products, or products which are not compliant with your order, products can be returned at no charge. You may even return goods without stating reasons against a processing fee. Please mind, that some Concierge Orders may be treated differently.

From customer to Germany 
From customer destination to myGermany / original seller: Customers may also return shipments from their country to myGermany or to the original seller. The costs are to be taken by the customer, but we will fully support the process and communication with seller.

Check more here >>

Are there any Restrictions on what I can order from Germany?

myGermany can send almost everything which is leagal. We are also certified for shipping Dangerus Goods such as Lithium, Oil or Gad Pressure Cans. Please check here restriced items >>

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