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Door-to-door worldwide Package & Freight Delivery

Thanks to our master agreements with DHL, FedEx, TNT, GLS, DPD, UPS, DB-Schenker and others, we provide fair rates. Using Premium & Express Shipping your goods value will be insured and forwarded in the fastest and cheapest way possible. Even for huge items such as bikes, cars, trucks, furniture etc.

We ship via air, road, rail, ocean or mixed methods.

Why myGermany?

#1 Package & Freight Forwarding Service from Germany

10 Years Experience

in secure international package & freight packaging, shipping & export regulators.

We Focus With Care

on your items and pack it accordingly – No Mass Processing.


International Package & Freight Forwarding competency.

50.000 Returning Customers

Ship packages, pallets, kitchen devices, spare parts, antiquie items etc.

How does myGermany handle Return Shipments?


Within Germany – From myGermany to original seller: In cases of wrong or damaged products, or products which are not compliant with your order, products can be returned at no charge. You may even return goods without stating reasons against a processing fee. Please mind, that some Concierge Orders may be treated differently.

From customer to Germany – From customer destination to myGermany / original seller: Customers may also return shipments from their country to myGermany or to the original seller. The costs are to be taken by the customer, but we will fully support the process and communication with seller.

What can be Forwarded?

icon allaoy wheel
icon bike
icon furniture
icon freight
Spare Parts
And Many More

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Frequently Asked Questions

When must I delcare the Shipment as Non-Stackable?

In order to ship your items as safe as possible, we can ask the carriers not to put any packages on top of your package (thus your package cannot be squeezed). These declaration has to be paid to the carriers as they “loose” scope in the plane.

Why shall I use Express instead of Standard Services?

Express Services are not only faster but also more secure because Express Packages will not be smashed on belts where they are dropped and smashed against each other! It is really worth paying more for Express when shipping internationally where packages are transported on several automated belts. Also, Express Packages are treated with utmost priority while Economy or Standard don’t mean a transportation guarantee (only if scope on the plane, Economy & Standard will be transported). Please mind that UPS Express Saver is not a typical Express Service and has no transport guarantee!

Can I chose the Carrier for my Packages or Freight Shipment?

Yes. In the CheckOut you can select the Shipment Provider yourself.

What Package-Sizes can myGermany ship? Package-Size Limitations?

For Freight please contact us at!For normal packages / standard sizes, we focus on the specifications of our logistics partners as below. For precise Information please use our  Shipping Cost Calculator allowing you to determine the size of the parcel. Please also refer to the units of measure for the size of girth and volumetric weight, which may apply in extreme cases. At DHL Weltpaket Ecomony & Premium it varies from country to country. The maximum weight is between 20kg and 31.5 kg. The dimensions can usually be up to 120cm x 60cm x 60cm, the longest side must not be longer than 200cm, if one side is > 60cm the other two cannot be larger than 60cm. Girth must not exceed a value of approx. 360 cm—For DHL Express we can ship up to 1000kg, additional costs for unwieldy/non-stackable items may occur. In case your item is not stackable DHL Express reserves the right to increase costs up to 200,00€.—At FedEx, the maximum weight is also up to 1000kg. The maximum dimensions are very generously regulated: the longest side must not exceed 302cm, and girth must not exceed a value of approx. 762 cm. Additional costs for unwieldy/non-stackable items can occur, e.g. in case your item is not stack-able FedEx Economy reserves the right to increase costs up to 99,00€.—UPS has established specific weight and size limits for the packages that you send with all UPS services. The restrictions below only pertain to individual packages. Limits to the total weight of a single shipment is 70 kg, the longest side may be a maximum of 270cm. Girth 300cm, from 300-400cm additional costs will arise. Shipments larger than the limits listed below will require the use of UPS Freight services or UPS Worldwide Express Freight. Additional costs for unwieldy/non-stackable items may occur. In case your item is not stackable DHL Express reserves the right to increase costs up to 150,00€—DPD – For the best possible transport of your parcel within the DPD system, a number of limits must be taken into consideration. In addition to the max. weight of 31.5 kilos, the overall dimensions are important. The girth – longest side + circumference – is limited to 300 centimeters. The minimal size of the parcel is 10 x 15 cm.

Does myGermany ship Cargo, Freight, Bulky Items? Costs?

Yes we do:

If you want us to propose rates for any cargo shipment, please provide following information to

– weight / dimensions of packed items?
– description of items incl. value?
– is it already sufficiently packed, or do you need any further packaging services?
– where to be picked up? detailed address?
– to where to be sent? detailed address?
– do you act as business or private?
– who handles the clearance?
– do you prefer Sea or Air?

How are the Parcels Secured & Wrapped at myGermany?

Our employees have a lot of experience in packing parcels for international shipping. We use high-quality materials that we buy ourselves or material submitted by our carrier partners, or using the material already provided with the inbound package. Please also see here. For additional requirements, we can use more than average packaging material, wherefore you have an option in your account in the Outbox when initiating a shipment. Please note that repacking happens only for Premium Members! How to Become a Premium Member?

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