We repack and consolidate your goods automatically for free.
For 2 reasons: Safety & to save on shipment costs.
Safe up to 80% Shipping Costs!

  • Repacking & Package Size Reduction

    For Premium & Business Members, we repack and reduce packaging sizes when consolidating your items or when the original packaging is not sufficient for its long journey. In such cases, we use high-quality packaging material to ensure a safe arrival for your goods! You can even add additional packaging material to secure sensitive items.

  • Package Consolidation Service

    Package consolidation is also done to cut down shipment costs! You can combine several shipments to a single one. That way, you will save up to 80% shipping costs you would have to pay, if you had placed a single order for each product and had the goods shipped to your address abroad.

We will consolidate into < 30kg maximum (as per policy because of package security and employee health). We won’t charge for it. Just tell us / select in your account what order-numbers you want us to put in your next package, we’ll do it. If you want us to consolidate more heavy than > 30kg, please contact us individually for each consolidation. Additional costs will occur.

We consolidate for free, only once! Once we have completed the first consolidation, there will be no further changes for free. A new re-consolidation may cause costs (check here).

Consolidation shall reduce packaging dimensions and weight – as soon as you requested the consolidation, we do our best, but cannot guarantee a cost-reduction! Please understand, that sometimes even our manual effort will not help to make packages smaller/lighter.

What can be Forwarded?

icon allaoy wheel
icon bike
icon furniture
icon freight
Spare Parts
And Many More

Strong myGermany Boxes

We use our own strong material to make sure your packages will arrive safely.

Double Wavy CardBoard

We use strong material to secure your shipments!

Bubble Wrap

Your content is covered with Bubble Wrap by myGermany.

Air Cushion

If required we also stabilize your content with Air Cushion.

Strong Adhesive Tap

myGermany uses strong Adhesive Tape to cover/close your packages!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does myGermany repack my packages?

For our Premium Members we do repack automatically for free using only two-wavy cardboard and high quality material to secure your packages.For Standard Members we do repack automatically if the receive package was damaged in order to make sure it will arrive safely.

Is Package Repacking free of costs?

Yes, if required or requested, we do repack for free. You can also select additional packaging material to secure your items. If the repacking requires more effort, additional costs may occur (which we discuss with you upfront).

Is Package Consolidation free of costs?

Yes.If you put your order straight in the OUTBOX and ship them, the free repacking & consolidation happens automatically by our system. You can check shipping rates without the need to pay!But if you can bear 1-2 days, then please selected MANUAL CONSOLIDATION in INBOX (not OUTBOX): here our warehouse team will focus manually on consolidation (and is often better than system)- of course also for free. We will repacked and combine them into as little packages as possible. After completion we will notify you via eMail and a new package will appear in your Inbox.Please make sure you select all parcels you want us to consolidate before completing the process!Free consolidation happens only once! Once we have consolidated your parcel, there will be no further changes for free. A new re-consolidation will be charged a 29,00 EUR.If you have additional wishes for that parcel please let us know in the comment field when opting for consolidation!

Can I keep my Original Packaging?

Yes. You can let us know if you want to keep original packaging boxes and/or original sales/product packaging boxes. These options you will find in the CheckOut once initiating a shipment.

How long does an concierge or pick up order take?

Generally it is executed on the same day or takes up to two days maximum. You will be informed by email and in your customer account about every step.

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