Communication & Contact

At what operating hours does myGermany work?
Our office hours are from Monday to Friday, 08:00 am to 04:00 pm German time, CET.
How can I contact myGermany? Can I call myGermany?

Please familiarize yourself with our provided contact information – We’re here to assist you!

Live-Chat: Available during our business hours from Monday to Friday between 08:30 and 15:30 EST.
Email: [email protected] – Will be answered within 24 hours normally.
Phone: Currently, we’re unavailable for a regular call as we are still a growing team, but we can offer a callback. Please leave an email or use our Live Chat.

Find your direct link to myGermany here!

How do I know when my parcel has arrived?

We will send you an email for your notice. Also the status of the package will change in your customer account. We also inspect incoming goods for damage and if they meet your expectations (if you have entered a “New Delivery” using your myGermany account).

Learn more about how our services work:
In what languages may I communicate with myGermany?

We prefer to serve you in English or German – If you’re not familiar with one of these languages we kindly invite you to use Google Translator.

How does myGermany handle claims if parcels are damaged during the shipment to customers?

All claims (loss or damage) must be communicated within 7 days after receipt. We fully support you! We have attached the claim form for you. Loss, damage, and delay claims can be submitted via email, at [email protected]. If you notice damage, take pictures of the damaged inner & outer packaging, of the damage, and also provide us with a proof of value.

Please provide the following information gathered in ONE email to [email protected]:

  1. description of the item, describe damage to contents
  2. value of damaged item
  3. is it repairable?
  4. AWB number/tracking number
  5. myGermany order number
  6. was the outer packaging obviously damaged when received? (please provide pics), describe damage to the outer packaging
  7. was the inner packaging damaged? (please provide pics), describe inner packaging damage
  8. have you spoken / notified the logistic driver?
  9. proof of value / or purchase / any document stating your ownership and the value
  10. please provide pictures from inner and outer packaging as well as from item – important: pics need to reflect the damage to the package

Please note that there are restrictions on insurance coverage for certain goods. Insured is the value of the item. Transportation costs are insured to a certain extent only: rates of our carrier partners are covered, our additional services and material, which are added on top of partners’ shipping rates are not covered.

Learn more about transport insurance.

Concierge & Buy for Me

Can goods be sent directly to me, rather first to myGermany?
If the Concierge purchases/pays on your behalf, the goods cannot be sent directly to you and have to be sent to our warehouse before you can forward (due to legal and liability reasons).
If the Concierge executes a pick-up of goods you have already directly purchased/paid for, the goods can be sent directly to you. You need to mention that in the Concierge Form.
Can I modify or cancel a Concierge order?
Yes, you can. As long as we have not placed your order, you can edit or cancel the Concierge order.
You can cancel your order by opening your myGermany account at section myOrders in the Concierge Box. Fees already paid will be refunded 100% as long as we have not been active! Once we have placed the order, started discussion on add ups, or initiated the pick-up (usually one to two days after you have sent the form to us), a change or a cancellation is no longer possible.
myGermany purchases as a company from the retailer for you. According to German law, companies have no legal right to return the goods. As a customer, you do not automatically have a right to return. But many retailers let us return anyway so that we can enable our customers to return them. We have to decide the return option on a case-by-case basis for each retailer. In cases, where retailers allow us to return, you can have the goods returned to the vendor up to 14 days after receipt by myGermany once they have been received in our warehouse. This option can also be found on your account in myOrders in the Inbox. For this service we charge a processing fee of € 10,00. The Concierge Fee of 10% is not refundable.
How and when do I pay the Concierge service?
You pay directly after you submitted the Concierge Form to us.
The fee of 10% will be added automatically, a minimum of 3,00 €, and for eBay Kleinanzeigen a minimum of 5,00 € apply.
Our Concierge Plus+ will charge a minimum of 15%. To start a Concierge Plus+ order you are asked to pay 29,00 € upfront.
Can myGermany pick up packages from private sellers?
Yes, our Concierge Concierge Pick-Up Service can pick up either into our warehouse, thus you can continue to shop in Germany and we can take care of secure packaging. Or he picks it up and sends it directly to you.
myGermany can handle communication with the sender if required.
The minimum charge for a pick up is 20,00 EUR. Higher costs will be discussed with you before execution.
If items are not in the condition for international transport, our dedicated driver can pick them up into our warehouse and we prepare/secure it accordingly, and even prepare the export & customs documents. Contact us at [email protected] or use our Concierge-Form.
What happens if I have paid too much or less for the Concierge order?
Paid too much – We will credit it up with your following bill. That means you will pay this amount less.
Paid too little – we will send a request for payment for the outstanding amount with your next bill.
Can myGermany buy or bid on eBay?
Bid = No.
Buy and payments for your purchase = Yes.
Our Concierge can not bid because of several constraints (e.g. time issues).
But our Concierge is more than happy to buy or execute payments for you.
Please note that eBay is a private sales platform and therefore you have no right to return the goods. That means that myGermany also does not coordinate any returns for purchases done on eBay. For private sales, such as on Kleinanzeigen, we do not take over liability.
How long does it take to get items from a Concierge order?
When you have completed the Concierge service form, it is forwarded to our staff who will execute the order, Usually on the same day, sometimes within 24-48 hours. If there are a lot of orders, it may take up to two days.
Please have in mind that orders at vinted and Kleinanzeigen may take longer as we have to communicate a lot with the sellers.
You are informed by email and in your customer account via the status messages.
Please note that we cannot predict the delivery time, because often sellers provide tracking IDs only sometime after our order. Thus, it is hard to track for us. If we have not received the items 14 days after we have ordered, we automatically will notified by our system and we will actively contact the seller.
Can I return Concierge orders?
In cases where a shipment contains wrong or damaged items, caused by the original seller, resp. products which are not compliant with the order (e.g. wrong size, colour, or general specifications), it is, of course, no problem to have these products returned, normally at no charge.
myGermany purchases as a company from the retailer for you. According to German law, companies have no legal right to return. As a customer, you do not automatically have a right to return. But many retailers let us return anyway so that we can enable our customers to return them. We have to decide the return option on a case-by-case basis for each retailer. In cases, where retailers allow us to return, you can have the goods returned to the vendor up to 14 days after receipt by myGermany once they have been received in our warehouse. This option can also be found on your account in myOrders in the Inbox. For this service we charge a processing fee of € 10,00. The Concierge fee is not refundable. To meet the deadline, it is necessary that you inform myGermany in time so that we can resend your goods on time to the original vendor.
Please mind, that some Concierge orders may be treated differently: If a Concierge is discounted or a special offer, it may not be returnable.
What if ordered items are out of stock or cannot be delivered?
You can either cancel the whole order or just the one item that is not available. For that, you need to already specify during the order process (i.e. when completing the Concierge form), which of these two options you choose (the whole order or just the unavailable item will be canceled by us).
Already paid fees will be refunded to you 100% on the way as you have paid for them.
We will notify you if and why an item cannot be ordered. We will also ask you if you want us to order this article for you at a later time.

My Customer Account

How can I receive discounts?
myAffiliate & Refer a friend: Earn for a friends’ registration and each package sent by your recommendation.
Loyalty Program: Check our Loyalty Program for returning customers.

: Are you happy with our services? Write 3 reviews and let us know via email at [email protected]
How can I close or delete my account?

We regret if you want to cancel your account. For this purpose, please send us an email ([email protected]) with your email address registered in your myGermany account. In this case your active account will be disabled. Your data will be deleted based on the statutory deadlines. The statutory retention period under German law applies.

Does myGermany ship to different delivery addresses?
Yes, we can offer this service for Premium and Business Members.
Simply add as many delivery addresses as you want in your customer account.
Can myGermany be used as billing address?
No. For legal reasons, reasons of traceability and consistency this is not possible. The billing address should be your physical address.
In cases where it is not possible, please use our Concierge and Pick up Service »
How do I change the goods value & article description?
You can change the value and description for each article at your own orders but not for Concierge orders. Please move your mouse onto the value or description in the Inbox, then click and you can edit the records. Mind that the values will be taken for the shipping & customs documents – It is your responsibility to firmly check and confirm the value before initiating the shipment!
Concierge: You cannot change the value of a Concierge Order. If you have used our Concierge we are forced to use the purchase value for shipping documents.
Customs Declaration & VAT Refund: You cannot change the value if you need a Customs Declaration for your VAT refund as the amount of purchase and import needs to be the same if you intend to get a VAT refund from the seller.
Learn more:
Can I change the billing & delivery address in my account?
Yes, at any time.
You can change your personal information such as email address, delivery address, etc. in your customer account under myAccount > Personal Data.
To change your billing address, please send us an email to [email protected].
Membership plans: Standard, Premium & Business

To get a cost overview about our service offering please check here.

To get familiar with our subscription plans please follow here for more information.

Can I use myGermany immediately after I finished the registeration?

Yes. You can get packages shipped right away to your myGermany address.
After the simple registration process, you need to add your delivery address – don’t forget that!

My package arrived at my Inbox - And now?
Your parcels are now in the Inbox because they have reached our warehouse! In order to ship it, you need to put them into Outbox. Or you keep it stored up to 60 days for free, thus you can consolidate with other orders.
You will find all relevant information in your account, such as photos, status, condition, description, weight, etc.
Do you want to forward it?
Now you need to become active: Put the items you want to get forwarded into the Outbox. Here you will be led automatically with the next steps: You can calculate the shipping fees, you can select the shipment provider and you will be asked to pay. As soon as you have completed the payment, we will initiate the shipment!
Learn more:

Customs, Tax & Prohibited Items

What goods are restricted my country?
Please find an overview about Restricted items here.
If you are not sure, please contact your customs department and myGermany.
Which data is used by myGermany for my export papers?
If you use the Concierge Service, we take the data from the Concierge form.
That means: you don’t need to do anything, we will take care of it.
If you have purchased the goods yourself, you will need to enter data (such as description and value, etc.) regarding your order in the Expected-Items-Box in your customer account (under myOrder), so that myGermany can assign incoming parcels to your order. Taking your data we create the customs declaration. Please make understandable and truthful statements to avoid any misunderstanding.
We take the value specified in your Inbox for Customs Export Papers. This value defines your import fees (tax and duty). So please check the values in your Inbox (you can change them). We will also ask you to confirm the value before we ship.
That means: You need to enter data before your package reaches our warehouse!
Do you handle the customs import clearance in my country?
Yes we do automatically.
The selected carrier executes the import clearance within the delivery process and will bill you for any import fees. You can easily pay the carrier and must not deal with the customs personally. myGermany and carriers will fully support that process.
In some cases, the carrier may contact recipients before delivery for any clarifications.
What documents are needed for the forwarding process?

You don’t have to request a special invoice. In order to send goods to a foreign country, certain formal requirements for the exporting country (export declaration), as well as for the importing country (proforma invoice) must be met. myGermany handles the creation of the necessary paperwork. Therefore it is important that you provide us with the goods description when you bought the items yourself (meaning you have not used our Concierge Service). You can do this in the customer’s account in myOrders in the Expected Items Box.

How do I get an export declarations for values 1.000 EUR?
Yes, we do prepare the customs export declaration.
In case your German seller has not done it, we can do it. Additional costs for clarification 20,00 Euro plus 10,00 EUR per 1 customs tariff number.

What is a customs declaration?
It is needed for packages in non-EU countries only. When your shipment value is above 1000,00 EUR we need to do a certain declaration that requires customs involvement:
It means customs need to release the items which will take an additional day. But it also means we need the original invoices/proof of purchase for each item.

Customs Declaration and VAT Refund?
We will need to fill a form with the German customs (ATLAS) and will get a MRN number, which will be sent with your package. When customs in the destination country receive and conclude the MRN, then German customs will release the MRN and you can use that MRN for your seller as proof of shipment. Thus, he will be entitled to refund VAT (but not obligated).
Can I get a VAT refund?
VAT refund is normally possible for Premium & Business Members. Please start/discuss before you initiate the purchase!
There are certain options.
If you have purchased the item from a seller, only the seller can refund VAT. myGermany and no German agent can do a VAT refund, but we can support you. The seller needs to get proof of export, a document called customs declaration (MRN/ATLAS). For packages with a value below 1000 EUR, we don’t do such a document as per default as it is not required by customs. For each package leaving the EU worth more than 1000 EUR, we automatically do the customs declaration document – we need your support on this and will inform you once you have initiated the shipment. If you have already sent the item with us and started the process afterward, we can draft another document for the seller (called “Bescheinigung für Umsatzsteuerzwecke”) wherefore we charge 20 EUR. All can be done only after you have received your package in your destination country. You need to present those documents to the seller, who is entitled but not obliged to refund the VAT.
Be aware: Refunding VAT is optional, which means the merchant has the authority to say No. If he agrees, we will provide 2-3 weeks after delivery the papers/proof of customs that we really exported the item outside of the EU! Along with a small letter of yours, he will refund the VAT to you…
The easiest way is using our Concierge Service: We will buy it for you and sell it to you without VAT. We take a fee of 10% and you cannot “fine-tune” any customs values as we declare it with the value we bought it (we are liable for that in that case). You simply need to initiate the Concierge (, enter the net amount only, and put a small line in the comment that you have spoken to me 🙂
If you have already purchased at the merchant and want myGermany to return VAT afterward, we may be able to help, but allow us to take a VAT refund processing fee of 40 EUR
Do I have to pay import customs duty & taxes?
If you ship outside the EU, these costs might occur. These costs have to be paid by you and are not included in our service rates. Our carriers will charge you while they deliver the package to you. Please check here.
If you send to EU, you don’t have to pay it.
If you send to Non-EU, your goods might cause two import charges which are not covered by myGermany:
– Import Duty. Customs will derive these based on value and content.
– Import Tax. You might pay the VAT for your country.
The above-mentioned fees cannot be quoted/told by myGermany as your country customs will do the calculation. Customs collaborates with our shipping carriers. If charges occur, the shipping carriers will contact you and ask you to pay these.
Some goods with low value are free, they can be imported without any fees. Please check the “de minimis value” details with your customs (they are regularly changing).

Document Services

Does myGermany forward credit, debit, or bank cards?

No, we don’t.

Does myGermany accept letters with verification data?

No, we do not accept nor scan or forward such kind of letters.

Can I attach documents to my outgoing package?

Yes you can. Simply upload the document within your account in the process when initiating a shipment/package. The option will be available in the Outbox/CheckOut.

Can I get a scan of my package documents?
Yes, you can. You will find all those options within your account.
As soon as a package is shown in your Inbox you have this option available!
Does myGermany receive letters for me?
No. myGermany does not receive or provide services for Letter & Mail Forwarding.
We will not receive, scan, forward, or reply to requests regarding letter forwarding, e.g., letters containing information from banks, telephone cards/SIM cards, verification data, such as Google Adsense, VAT registration, or any Registration Verification Letters.

myGermany receives letters with articles to be forwarded (such as trading cards etc.) but will not receive letters with forbidden contents. Letters will not be opened for photographs.

Please also see the list of prohibited items.

Packages & Packaging

How do I protect my items with additional packaging?

You may ask us to add additional packaging material for your packages. We’re pleased to offer three options:

1. No additional packaging: We will forward the package as received adding bubble wrap to the content.
2. Strong additional packaging: We will wrap each single item into bubble wrap.
3. Very strong additional packaging: We add bubble wrap to each single item and upholster the box walls with polystyrene.

No additional packaging samples:
Standard Packaging myGermany Standard Packaging myGermany

Strong additional packaging samples:
Strong Packaging myGermany Strong Packaging myGermany

Very strong additional packaging Samples:
 Strongest Packaging myGermany Strong Packaging myGermany

Does myGermany offer wooden sea crates?

You can ask myGermany to secure your items (couches, hard tops, cupboards etc.) in wooden crates, suitable for Sea shipment. We will use certified fumigated wood only.
We have our own carpenter with us, who will focus on your sensitive items and build the required securitization around it.

Just contact us.


What are the storage conditions at myGermany?
Your received goods are stored free of charge 60 days & 0,2 cubic meters for Standard / Sensitive Members, and 90 days & 0,5 cubic meters for Premium Members. For Business Members we have special conditions. Consolidations and Drop Shipments will be stored 7 days for free.
After 60/90 days (your packages), and 7days (consolidation) free storage, we store your items for additional 90 days. In these additional days we charge for storage: each parcel is 3,00 Euros per day (each pallet 150 EUR per month). Should your parcel be very large and the storage requirements higher than normal, myGermany reserves the right to adjust the storage fees accordingly.
You will be notified via email and in your account if you face the limits.
We reserve the right to discard items that got left at our warehouse for longer than 120 Days. Those items are considered as “forgotten” and will no longer be stored.
Can I pick up my parcels at myGermany warehouse?
You are welcome to do so. Please contact us beforehand. Your ID would be required.
The fee for an external PickUp is 39,00 EUR for standard packages.
The fee for freight is calculated individually as is depends on weight and dimensions and related efforts.
For customer pickups we cannot support VAT refunds. German law prohibits all German sellers from reimbursing the VAT if they cannot prove the shipment outside the EU.
Can the parcels be sent neutrally / discreet packed?

Yes. myGermany offers the option of Discreet Shipment. By selecting Discreet Shipment parcels are forwarded to the customer ensuring that the contents or origin of the parcel are not recognizable for the recipient. This option must be selected in the customer’s account.

May I use the Consolidation for up to 30kg?
For Premium Members, we consolidate your items for free. For Standard Members, we don’t consolidate. We will consolidate into < 30kg maximum (as per policy because of package security and employee health). We won’t charge for it. Just tell us / select in your account what order numbers you want us to consolidate.
If you want us to consolidate more heavy than > 30kg, please contact us individually for each consolidation. Additional costs will occur.
After the consolidation is done we will notify you and you can initiate the shipping process in your account. Please note, that once we have packed your parcel, you normally cannot consolidate that further (as it is already consolidated). If we need to open/change a consolidated package, additional fees will be charged. Please mind that we may charge also fees for consolidated packages which are not sent!
Please understand, that we can focus only up to 30 minutes per free consolidation. Any further, any disproportionate effort will be charged additionally.
Non-Stackable. Advantages and Disadvantages.

Packages are often stacked on top of each other in trucks and planes. This poses a risk of damage to the packages and their contents. However, it is possible to declare packages as “non-stackable” and thus minimize this risk.

myGermany will evaluate the parcels/palettes accordingly upon receipt and inform you whether the parcels can be sent stackable or non-stackable.

However, our carrier partners make you pay for this service, as they have less space on the plane for non-stackable parcels.
DHL Express charges 270.00 EUR, all other carriers 99.00 EUR.

How are the parcels secured & wrapped at myGermany?
Our employees have a lot of experience in packing parcels for international shipping. We use high-quality materials that we buy ourselves or material submitted by our carrier partners, or using the material already provided with the inbound package. Please also see here.
For additional requirements, we can use more than average packaging material, wherefore you have an option in your account in the Outbox when initiating a shipment.
Please note that repacking happens only for Premium Members! How to become a Premium Member?
Will my items be consolidated and repacked?
For Premium Members we offer this service for free (except for Drop Shipment where we not repack but only forward),
Repacking and Consolidation is free of costs. Consolidation happens only once for free (any Re-Consolidation will be at charge only).
We will consolidate into 30kg max (as per policy because of package security and employee health). Just tell us / select in your account what order numbers you want us to put in your next package, we’ll do it. After the consolidation is done we will notify you and you can initiate the shipping process through your account. Please note, that once we have packed your parcel, you normally cannot consolidate that further (as it is already consolidated). But if you have additional wishes for that parcel (adding things or changing the packaging material etc.), lets talk about, but we have to ask for a little extra fee since those extra demands take up more time than you think.
Please mind these two consolidation options:
If you put your order straight in the OUTBOX and ship them, the free repacking & consolidation happens automatically by our system. But if you can bear 1-2 days, then please select MANUAL CONSOLIDATION in INBOX (not Outbox): here our warehouse team will focus manually on consolidation (and is often better than system)- of course also for free. We will repack and combine them into as little packages as possible. After completion we will notify you via email and a new package will appear in your Inbox.
PS: Of curse, in case of inappropriate inbound packaging myGermany will – if possible – repack your parcels in order to ensure a favourable and safe shipment to you.
Does myGermany forward food, nutrition or preserved products?
Food in general is allowed as long as it cannot spoil on its trip. So we ship packed/vacuum-packed items, cans, closed glasses, bottles (alcohol only up to 70%), etc.
In certain countries food may be prohibited, please check our summary » or contact [email protected]
FDA in the US:
You may need to fill out an FDA Prior Notice Note before importing the goods:
If you are not able to fill the form yourself, let myGermany help.
Alternatively, please send us the following information in the English language
•       The manufacturer’s name and address
•       The Manufacturer’s FDA registration number
•       The specification of content in g / l or mg/ml
•       The type of protective packaging (e.g. plastic vial, glass bottle, etc.)
How are my parcels insured?
Within our warehouse, your goods are insured up to 200,000 EUR.
Transport insurance can be selected when shipping the parcels. We use the transport insurance of our carrier partners, see below. myGermany cannot be made liable for Drop Shipments as we do not open/check/pack such shipments.
Please mind that the transport insurance cannot be higher than your declared customs value in the shipping papers!
Insurance covers loss or damage to the items in your shipment. Claims can be made for declared items value and carrier partner shipping rates. Import duties or taxes cannot be claimed. Transportation costs are insured to a certain extent only in the sense that the shipment rates of our carrier partners are covered, but myGermany services are based on individual cases only. Liability for additional services and materials, which are added on top of partners’ shipping rates, is to be evaluated for each individual case.
How to fill Claims?
Please note that you need to prove the damages when receiving your package. So please check and take pictures along with the driver in case of damage. We need to report to the carriers the damaged outer and inner packages. All claims will initially be evaluated by our carrier partners, then by myGermany; and are based on the declared value of goods which is done by you. In case of a claim, contact us at [email protected] and we will send you a form to be filled.
Transport Insurance of our Carrier Partners.
The insurance acts as follows (based on the shipping conditions of our carrier partners:
DHL Premium:
Your goods are automatically covered at no extra cost up to a value of EUR 500.
*Up to an order value of EUR 2,500 we charge EUR 20.
*Up to an order value of EUR 25,000 we charge EUR 70.

If you prefer a higher insurance, please contact us.

DHL Express:
Insurance must be purchased: 1,5% of the value but a minimum 20 EUR.
Goods are insured with 1 kg each at 22 EUR.
*additional insurance must be purchased: for each additional 100 EUR value of goods we charge 2 EUR.
Your goods are automatically covered at no extra cost up to a value of EUR 520.
*Up to an order value of EUR 10,000 we charge EUR 50.
Your goods are automatically covered at no extra cost up to a value of EUR 750.
*Up to an order value of EUR 5,000 we charge EUR 20.
Your goods are automatically covered at no extra cost up to a value of EUR 510.
*additional insurance must be purchased: 2,0% of the value but minimum 10 EUR.
DB Schenker:
Goods are insured. Each insurance is based on an individual calculation (as DBSchenker is used for freight only).
What Package-Size-Limitations can myGermany ship?
For Freight please get in touch with us at [email protected]!
For normal packages / standard sizes, we focus on the specifications of our logistics partners as below. For precise Information please use our Shipping Cost Calculator allowing you to determine the size of the parcel. Please also refer to the units of measure for the size of girth and volumetric weight, which may apply in extreme cases.
At DHL Weltpaket Ecomony & Premium it varies from country to country. The maximum weight is between 20kg and 31.5 kg. The dimensions can usually be up to 120cm x 60cm x 60cm, the longest side must not be longer than 200cm, if one side > 60cm the other two cannot be larger than 60cm. Girth must not exceed a value of approx. 360 cm
For DHL Express we can ship up to 1000kg, additional costs for unwieldy/non-stackable items may occur. In case your item is not stackable DHL Express reserves the right to increase costs up to 200,00€.
At FedEx the maximum weight is also up to 1000kg. The maximum dimensions are very generously regulated: the longest side must not exceed 302cm, and girth must not exceed a value of approximately 762 cm.
Additional costs for unwieldy/non-stackable items can occur, e.g. in case your item is not stackable FedEx Economy reserves the right to increase costs up to 99,00€.
UPS has established specific weight and size limits for the packages that you send with all UPS services. The restrictions below only pertain to individual packages. Limits to the total weight of a single shipment is 70 kg, longest side may be maximum 270cm. Girth 300cm, from 300-400cm additional costs will arise. Shipments larger than the limits listed below will require the use of UPS Freight services or UPS Worldwide Express Freight.
Additional costs for unwieldy/non-stackable items may occur. In case your item is not stack-able DHL Express reserves the right to increase costs up to 150,00€
DPD – For the best possible transport of your parcel within the DPD system, a number of limits must be taken into consideration. In addition to the max. weight of 31.5 kilos, the overall dimensions are important. The girth – longest side + circumference – is limited to 300 centimeters. Minimal size of the parcel 10 x 15 cm.
Does myGermany ship & insure items like vases or ceran hobs?
We can ship but exclude liability for ceramics such as cooking plates.
Shipping of such sensitive items can not be insured by myGermany. Even the best packaging – even from the factory – can not prevent damage, as internal components always get vibrated during transport. Only a separate packaging of all internal components ensures safe transport. But this is too much effort (at least cost of 400 EUR).
Does myGermany ship cargo, freight, bulky items?
If you want us to propose rates for any cargo shipment, please provide the following information to [email protected]:
– weight/dimensions of packed items?
– description of items incl. value?
– is it already sufficiently packed, or do you need any further packaging services?
– where to be picked up? detailed address?
– to where to be sent? detailed address?
– do you act as a business or private?
– who handles the clearance?
– do you prefer Sea or Air?
Can myGermany split parcels and ship to different addresses?
Yes, we split. Unless otherwise agreed, we open all incoming parcels (and inspect them for damage and whether they comply with the order) and list the items in your customer account. There, you can determine which packages shall be split. Splitting one package into two packages will cost you additional € 20,00.
Note that if you would like us to consolidate, we do it for free. But we will consolidate into 30kg max (as per policy because of package security and employee health).
Does myGermany ship used engines or motors?
We can ship new engines without any restrictions, such as chain saw, motorboad-motor, bike-motor etc.
As soon as it is an used engine running with liquids (such as oil, petrol), we can ship it emptied only – and need a certificate that it was emptied by any entitled garage. Only then it can be flight as Non-Dangerous-Good. Otherwise it will be treated as Dangerous Good, which requires a lot of effort and is costly. Such certificates can not be issued by myGermany.

Payment, Costs & Bills

May I get a cost overview and comparison of services?
How can I pay at myGermany?

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, and various country-specific methods. For details please see Payment Information.

I cannot buy at German eBay or Kleinanzeigen.

We kindly invite you to use our Concierge Service.

myGermany Best Price Guarantee for packages.

If you find a lower price from another forwarder, we will match it minus 1,00 EUR! We make sure you get the best service at the best price!

Show us the price you want us to underbid by providing a link or screenshot to us via eMail ([email protected]) or in our Contact Form. After verifying it by our agents, we will adjust your shipping rate!

* Applies to packages, not pallets
* Valid before and during a shipment, as well as up to 30days after you have paid for the shipment.
* Please mind that we compare only adequate shipping methods (so e.g. DHL Express with DHL Express, or FedEx Connect Plus with FedEx Connect Plus) and do not acknowledge prices from any paid memberships or paid loyalty programs, or any price that is based upon rebates, coupons, financing offers, errors, bundling of products or services, gift cards, or gift card offers.

Do you attach myGermany service invoices to my parcels?
No, your bills can be downloaded in the customer’s account in myAccount.
Any other / merchant invoices are attached as you require. Within your account (while in the shipping-initiating process in the OUTBOX) you have the option to remove all invoice-relevant documents.
You can also upload your own documents to an outgoing package > within the shipment-initiation process in your account / OUTBOX.

Shipping & Logistics

Which countries are served by myGermany?

We generally deliver parcels to all countries, except to countries where military activities are taking place.

What means Drop Shipment and is it faster?
Drop Shipment is the fastest shipping method – it comes with 20% discount compared to our standard shipping costs. First-In-First-Out Concept: Received packages will directly be forwarded the same day we receive them. No time-consuming opening, checking, repacking, or consolidation. Thus you save 20% compared to our standard shipping rates!
You save up to 20% on your final Shipping Costs!
Packages will be treated with utmost confidentiality, and with priority! We will notify you via email and in Inbox when receiving the package, you need to select the shipping options and pay/initiate the shipping order, and then packages will be sent as received immediately without time-consuming process steps in between. Incoming damaged packages of course will be repacked.
Drop Shipment vs Standard Shipment?
Standard shipments take more time as they are automatically or manually consolidated. For standard shipments we repack new, as we don’t do that with Drop Shipments. Thus, we can guarantee the fastest processing time possible!
Transport Insurance?
You can select the transport insurance value when initiating the shipment. Please make sure such shipments are packed correctly and securely. As we do not open, check, or pack new such shipments, we cannot take over liability for myGermany services.
Restrictions – when is Drop Shipment not available?
  • We need to handle Drop Shipments differently from the very beginning when we receive them in our warehouse. Thus, an already received package which was not defined as a Drop Shipment, cannot be turned into a Drop Shipment when already stored in our warehouse.
  • For Deutsche Warenpost, freight items, and Concierge orders it will not be possible to use Drop Shipment.
  • Drop Shipment can only be applied for packages that pass our warehouse, not for pickups that are sent directly.
  • Packages exceeding 32kg and a girth of 300cm cannot be handled as Drop Shipments.
My item was send to a post box. Can myGermany pick it up?

If your incoming packages were not delivered to our German warehouse address but to a German pick-up station, unfortunately, we cannot pick them up on your behalf. German law requires the recipient in person for such a pickup. We have tried it often, and invested hours and manpower without success. Please get in touch with the sender in that case and please refrain from sending us email requests to pick up. We cannot help (although we want to) and will not reply to your emails.

How to return a shipment?
Within Germany – Return shipment from myGermany to original seller:
In cases of wrong or damaged products, or products which are not compliant with your order, it is, of course, no problem to have these products returned at no charge. You may even return goods to the original seller without stating reasons against a small processing fee.
Please mind, that some Concierge Orders may be treated differently: if a Concierge is disocunt or special offer purchase, it may not be returnable.




From customer to Germany – Return shipment from customer destination to myGermany / original seller:
Customers may also return shipments from their country to us or to the original seller. Unfortunately, this may not only entail high costs but also a great deal of time. Therefore, we ask our customers to thoroughly check their order before the final placement. For this purpose, we offer our goods inspection service. Occurring transportation and customs costs are to be taken by customer plus a 15 EUR admin fee.
Does myGermany forward perfume, alcohol, or lithium batteries?
Please check here in detail:
Technical Devices with Lithium Batteries / Lithium Batteries:
Dangerous Goods such as Liquids, Gas etc.:
Does myGermany forward to different Delivery Addresses?
Yes, we (or you) can. For Premium & Business Members.
Simply add as many delivery addresses as you want in your customer account.
Does myGermany forward to Post Offices or PO Boxes?

We do not ship to Post Office Addresses, PO Boxes, or Poste Restante unless otherwise agreed. Some local post providers do it if requested by you. Express services always require a delivery address where we can get a signature form the receiver. If you initiate the shipment to Post Office Addresses, PO Boxes, or Poste Restante your packages might be returned automatically by the carriers at your costs – myGermany cannot influence that process.

Does myGermany ship to other forwarding companies?
No, we don’t.
We do not ship to other forwarding companies. Such shipments will be canceled immediately and a handling fee of 39.00 EUR will be applied.
Does myGermany forward lithium ion batteries?

Batteries and especially Lithium Batteries can be seen as Dangerous Goods and regulatory requirements must be complied with, in order to ship these. Besides specific shipping restrictions, a special declaration has to be made which will be done by myGermany.
myGermany is certified to ship batteries via Air, Road, and Sea.
Via Air, we use DPD, DHL Express, FedEx Express, and/or FedEx Economy.

Batteries, Lithium Batteries in Equipment (Smart Phones, Laptops, etc.)
myGermany can ship Batteries and lithium Batteries via Air with DHL Express, FedEx Economy, and FedEx Express & DPD.
DHL Express Surcharge is up to € 6,50.
FedEx has no surcharge.
DPD Surcharge is € 29,50.

Loose Batteries, Lithium Batteries, or with Equipment (eBike Batteries, Powerbanks, etc.)
myGermany can ship Batteries and lithium Batteries with DHL Express and FedEx Express.
For DHL and FedEx, additional costs up to € 150,00 might apply.

We will screen all incoming packages in our warehouse, mark them and will inform you in your account about additional costs and possible shipping options.


Does myGermany forward Weapons, Weapon Parts?
No, we do not ship such items, nor any imitations, etc. Nor do any of the known service providers do it internationally.
If we receive such prohibited items, they will be returned at your cost, and you will be charged a processing fee of 25,00 EUR.
Does myGermany send telephone or SIM cards?

No, we don’t.

How can I track my package?
DHL Express
Tel: 0049 1806 345 300
DHL Weltpaket Economy & Premium
Tel: 0049 228 4333 112
FedEx Economy & Express
Contact Form: [email protected]
UPS Standard & Express
Tel: 1-800-742-5877
Local Information:
DPD Standard & Express
Tel: 0049 1806 373 200
GLS Standard & Express
Tel: 0049 6677 646907000
DB Schenker
What means combined length and girth?

Combined length and girth is the alculation basis for the carriage by road. The combined length and girth serves as a dimensional reference for cargo loads and is measured on the basis of the parcel´s circumference in cm. If a parcel exceeds the limits specified by carriers, the shipping will be effected on the basis of the respectively applicable rate class. These maximum lengths differ from country to country, however, as a rule of thumb, they must not exceed a value of approx. 360cm (DHL) or 762cm (FedEx) or 400cm (UPS) and are absolutely sufficient for standard carriage.

Dimensional weight or volumetric weight is the calculation basis for carriage by air. The dimensional weight is related to the size of the packing used by the seller. The dimensional weight provides an easy way to calculate the actual air freight space required for the transportation of goods, which may be low in weight and bulky at the same time. The dimensional weight of the shipment is compared with the actual weight, whereas the higher value is used to determine the freight cost or rate.
This means as well, that a lightweight picture frame may turn out more expensive than a heavy television. Why? Because the picture frame is larger in size and volume than the small television.

Shopping & Ordering

What to Do Next after I ordered at the German onlinestore?
Once you have placed the order to the original seller, let us know which goods you are expecting. Thus way we can check incoming goods against your order.
For this please access your Expected Order Box and enter the details by clicking “Add new delivery”. If you do not specify your data, we will it do for you – then we open the parcels, identify the goods and update it in your Account in your Inbox.
Please check in your account for the value of the item! If we ship to Non-EU countries, this value is taken as the customs value (which defines your customs fees when importing).
As soon as your items are in the Inbox, you need to be active: put the items you want to get forwarded into the Outbox. Here you will be led automatically with the next steps: you can calculate the shipping fees, you can select the shipment provider and you have certain other shipping options here.
Do you accept packages from outside Europe?
For Standard & Premium members, we cannot accept packages imported into the EU – please don’t order from the UK or China, or the US to Germany!

Please note that only shipments sent from within the EU will be accepted by us. Shipments from outside the EU require customs and tax liability from the recipient, which is officially not myGermany Gmbh but the customer. So by law, it is prohibited to take over these processes on customers’ behalf.

Please note that such packages will automatically be returned by the carrier, following the carrier’s Terms & Conditions.
Any related costs charged by the carrier will be passed on to you (e.g. DHL charges 20 EUR for an automated notification).
myGermany will not provide its EORI / VAT ID for any import processes.
For Business Members we do import items. Please compare plans here
Do you receive Amazon packages in myGermany warehouse?
Yes we do.
Amazon delivers with Amazon Logistics, which delivers packages without proof as per default. Please make sure you force Amazon to deliver against “signature only” when ordering with Amazon. Otherwise, it has happened too often that Amazon Logistic driver will “throw” packages into neighbours garden or even the garbage etc. This is ridiculous, we know, but we cannot do anything – we have tried to complain but Amazon listens only to the buyers, who are our customers.
I would like you to buy for me.

You can use our Concierge Service.

How do I enter my myGermany Address in vendors checkout?
The billing address should be your own address.
The delivery address is your myGermany address:

YOUR NAME, myGermany GmbH (first and last name, Vor uns Zuname)
Nordstraße 5 (street, Straße)
99425 (ZIP, Postleitzahl)
Weimar (city, Stadt)
Thuringia (district, Bundesland)

(international format) +49 (0)3643-8780131
(national format) 3-8780131

What phone number can I specify when I order myself?

Often German onlinestores ask for a valid German phone number. You should enter your own. If this is not accepted, use our number:

(international format) +49 (0)3643-8780131

(national format) 3-8780131

It is a working myGermany number but will not be picked up.
Can I send a return stored at myGermany warehouse?
If a consignment of goods is found to be defective caused by the original vendor, such as incorrectly transmitted or damaged goods, you can request the return of the goods to the original vendor within a period of 14 days after receipt of the goods by myGermany. This service is free of charge at myGermany and usually also free of charge at the original vendor. However, if the original sender charges a fee, these costs will be passed on to you.
Should the goods not be damaged and meet your order, but you have no more interest in them, they can be returned to the original sender without indicating a reason up to 14 days after receipt by myGermany. For this service we charge a processing fee of 10 Euros. However, if the original sender charges a fee, these costs will be passed on to you.
To meet the deadline, it is necessary that you inform myGermany in time so that we can resend your goods on time to the original vendor.
Please mind, that some Concierge Orders may be treated differently: if a Concierge is disocunt or special offer purchase, it may not be returnable.
Where can I find information about European sizes?
Here you can find various overviews including conversion options:

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