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Shipping Cost Calculation

Our Shipping Cost Calculator allows you to estimate your total costs when using our services to ship your goods from Germany to the world. The estimated Total Costs include myGermany fees and carrier fees including fuel surcharge and customs handling.


With myGermany you get these free services:


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    Receipt, inspection & photos

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    60 days free storage

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    Automatic repacking & consolidation

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    Customs documents preparation (specific export declarations may cause additional costs)

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    Optional shipment methods like Drop Shipment & Discreet Shipping

  1. The shipping costs depends on various parameters, which we can’t define finally until we have your parcel at our warehouse. Crucial factors are for example the latest currency rates and actual dimensions of your package (which define the dimensional / volumetric weight and combined length and girth).
  2. Once your parcel is with us we define the final costs, which you will be able to see and compare in your account before shipping.

How does this work?​

Actual size and weight define the shipping rate! As the transportation costs are rather defined by space, than by the actual weight, we are forced to use the dimensional/volumetric weight and the girth measure as soon as your package dimensions exceed certain parameters. But don’t dimensional/volumetric worry! Our Shipping Costs Calculator already considers these restrictions!



L: Length; W: Width; H: Height
Dimensional Weight in (kg) = (L x W x H) / 5.000 (Length, Width, Height in centimeters)
Dimensional Weight (pound) = (L x W x H) / 305 (Length, Width, He

  • The girth measure

    is measured on the basis of the parcel’s circumference. If a parcel exceeds the limits specified by our partners, the shipping will be affected on the basis of the respective applicable rate class. These maximum lengths differ from country to country. They must not exceed a value of e.g. approx. 300-360cm (DHL) or 460-762cm (FedEx). For standard packages, we normally do not worry about it.

  • The dimensional / volumetric weight …

    is compared with the actual weight, whereas the higher value is used to determine the freight cost. This means that a lightweight picture frame may turn out more expensive than a heavy television because the picture frame is larger in size and volume than a small television.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the Actual Shipping Cost differ from the previously calculated cost (Shipping Calculator)?

We can only determine the actual shipping charge when your parcel is received by us and we can measure and weigh it. Often, the parcels received are simply much larger than the item dimensions originally assumed by the customer for calculation in the shipping cost calculator. The final shipping cost will depend on:

  • country of destination– actual weight and actual dimensions of the parcel (which in reality are different to the expected)– dimensional weight = calculation basis for carriage by air. The dimensional weight is related to the size of the packing used by the seller. The dimensional weight provides an easy way to calculate the actual air freight space required for the transportation of goods, which may be low in weight and bulky at the same time. The dimensional weight of the shipment is compared with the actual weight, whereas the higher value is used to determine the freight cost or rate. This means as well, that a lightweight picture frame may turn out more expensive than a heavy television. Why? Because the picture frame is larger in size and volume than the small television.
  • combined length and girth = calculation basis for the carriage by road. The combined length and girth serves as a dimensional reference for cargo loads and is measured on the basis of the parcel’s circumference in cm. If a parcel exceeds the limits specified by DHL/FedEx, the shipping will be effected on the basis of the respectively applicable rate class. These maximum lengths differ from country to country, however, as a rule of thumb, they must not exceed a value of approx. 360cm (e.g. DHL) or 762cm (e.g. FedEx), which are absolutely sufficient for standard carriage
  • bulky / non stack-able items = if your packages cannot shipped as standard packages, e.g. carrier cannot put other packages on top, additional costs may occur, issued by the carrier
  • price adjustments on the part of our carriage service provider as a result of e.g. fuel surcharges (the shipping cost calculator will apply the current fuel surcharges)
  • items are not ship-able as they are / additional handling or packaging required, e.g. not stack-able (carriers might issue additional fees for handling)
  • changes in currency rates
Is Package Consolidaiton & Repacking a free service?

Yes, repacking & consolidation is free. We consolidate automatically when you initiate shipment of several orders. Or you can opt for manual consolidation before you initiate the shipment – so we can consider special requirements. We will repacked and combine them into as little packages as possible. After completion we will notify you via eMail and a new package will appear in your Inbox.For sake of handling, we normally consolidate up to 30kg maximum per package.

Does myGermany provide special Packaging Services for my items?

Yes we do! We use high-quality materials that we buy ourselves, or material submitted by our carrier partners.For additional requirements you can instruct us to use more than average packaging material. Several options are available in your account.

Can I ship Perfume, Alcohol, Lithium Bateries etc. ?

Please check here in detail: General Information on Restricted Items

Can you arrange for Pick-up Service in Germany?

Yes. We handle the whole communication, payment and pick up if demanded. Packed or unpacked. Minimum Pick-up charge is 20,00 €. If higher costs occur, we will discuss with you before executing the Pick-up.Please also note that some articles are not in condition for an international transport, myGermany will check that upfront.

How do you handle Pick-up and Shipment of Bulky Items & Freight?

We pack & secure everything, and execute the shipment and customs processes. In order to provide a quote, we need to know

– description & value
– weight & dimensions
– of packed or unpacked goods
– how is it packed, do you need any packaging services
– pick up address and conditions, location
– final delivery address
– who takes care for the customs clearance
– are you acting as business or private
– do you prefer sea or air

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