Personal Shopping Services in Germany
Our Concierge takes care of the order, purchase, pick up & payment.

In cases where online shops do not accept international credit cards, their website is in German only, you need a pick up service, or you simply prefer to have the purchase process carried out by us, our Concierge Service Germany will help!
Check out our Personal Shopping Service.

  • Concierge for your Purchase

    You know what you want and instruct myGermany to purchase on your behalf. Your costs is 10% of the purchase value. We can even pick up form the seller.
    Let us know in our Concierge Form the products you want us to buy for you and we normally execute the order within 24h.

  • Concierge Plus+

    You dont exactly know what you are looking for & need personal assistance? Our Concierge Plus+ will support you. Your costs is 15% of the purchase value. If you don’t know which brand is the best, which model is right for your desires or if the spare parts fits your car, our Concierge Plus+ Service is the perfect choice. We will assist and advice you for your full satisfaction. Visit us in Germany and get our accompany for your private shopping tour. Just let us know what you are looking for in our Concierge Plus+ Form.

  • Pick Ups in Germany

    We pick up & deliver into our warehouse to prepare, pack, secure it for the international journey! We even pack/secure shipments at senders place if required. Let us know what to be picked up at what address and if you need any additional services such as packaging services. We also get in touch with the sender to discuss the process.

  • Direct Worldwide Shipment

    We pick up & ship directly to you. myGermany provides direct international shipping for private and business clients. Let us know what to be picked up at what address, provide all relevant shipping information and documents, and we organize the direct worldwide shipment. You can select between several shipping methods – from Economy to Express.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you buy (= buy it now) or bid for me on goods on eBay?

Bid = No.

Buy-it-now and payments for your purchase = Yes.

myGermany can not bid because of several constrains bur predominantly because of time issues. But myGermany can execute the Buy-it-now or payments for you.

Please note that eBay is a private sales platform and therefore you have no right of returning the goods. That means that myGermany also does not coordinate any return.

How much does the Concierge Service & Pick up Service cost?

Our fees are just 10% of the order value (costs min 3,00 €) for the Concierge Service and 20,00 € standard fee for the Pick up Service (if higher pick-up costs occur, we will discuss with you before executing the pick up).

Can I use discount codes?

Of course, just let us know in the description section in our Concierge Form.

Can you arrange for Pick-up Service in Germany?

Yes. We handle the whole communication, payment and pick up if demanded. Please mind that articled need to be packed by the seller. Please also note that some articles are not in condition for an international transport, myGermany will check that upfront.We charge a 20,00 € standard fee for the Pick up Service (if higher pick-up costs occur, we will discuss with you before executing the pick up).Any questions? Contact our Concierge Service Germany Team.

How long does an concierge or pick up order take?

Generally it is executed on the same day or takes up to two days maximum. You will be informed by email and in your customer account about every step.

Can your Concierge purchase/sell without VAT?

For EU customers we charge 19% VAT. For Non-EU customers we can purchase/sell without 19%VAT. Please let us know in the Concierge Form that we can purchase/sell without VAT.

What can be Forwarded?

icon allaoy wheel
icon bike
icon furniture
icon freight
Spare Parts
And Many More

Why myGermany?

#1 Package & Freight Forwarding Service from Germany

10 Years Experience

in secure international package & freight packaging, shipping & export regulators.

We Focus With Care

on your items and pack it accordingly – No Mass Processing.


International Package & Freight Forwarding competency.

50.000 Returning Customers

Ship packages, pallets, kitchen devices, spare parts, antiquie items etc.

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