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Bulky Goods
Packaging, Shipment & Customs Clearance.
Germany to Canada.

International Shipping of Bulky Goods by Road, Sea and Air.
From 1 kg to 10.000 kg via Harbour Freight or Air Freight such as Fedex or DHL Express.

Fast, Secure & Cheap: Customized Solutions for bulky items to Canada. Ship bulky goods in no time without effort fom Germany to Canada – we take over the entire coordination! We ship to any habor or via Air Service such as FedEx Freight. Whether sports equipment, palletized goods or large art objects. With us, your goods will arrive safely and quickly. We take care of the entire shipping process incl. customs clearance in the Canada: from packing the goods to delivery to the desired destination by our carrier on the exact day.

Since 2012 reliable shipper to more than 150 countries & 100.000 customers

  • Selection of several carriers and shipping methods via Air, Sea, Road, Mix
  • Pick-up of packed an unpacked goods
  • Packaging Service (Pallets, Sea Crates etc.)
  • Customs Documents Prep & Clearance
  • Personal Contact and immediate Feedback within 24h
  • Harbour Freight Service
  • DHL, DVS, UPS Fedex Freight Service

Germany Canada
 Harbour Freight & Fedex Freight

Tel: +49 (0) 3643 776 222-1
eMail: freight@mygermany.com

Why myGermany?

Bulky Goods Shipping Service from Germany to Canada. We ship to any habour, or via Air Freight, e.g. DHL or FedEx Freight.

15 Years International Experience

in secure international package & freight packaging, shipping & export regulators.

2000 Shipments per month

Air, Sea or Rail. Small packes, sear crates or container full of pallets.

120 Connected Partners

Our own Fleat, DHL Global Services, DB Schenker, DSV etc.

100.000 Returning Customers

Ship packages, pallets, sea crates, container, kitchen devices, spare parts, antiquie items etc.

What is bulky goods?

Bulky goods are all goods that do not fit into the usual boxes due to their weight or size. Caused by their format, they take up space from other goods and therefore cause higher costs for transportation and storage. Bulky goods shipping is used, among other things, for

art or cratf items
sports equipment such as ski equipment
large art objects and pictures
industrial components, workpieces and raw materials
special or valuable pieces of furniture

When does a parcel become bulky goods?

A parcel is generally classified as bulky goods if one or more of the following points apply:

The longest side of the parcel measures more than 100 cm.
The parcel weighs more than 5 kg.
The package has a circumference of more than 3 m.
The parcel is misshapen and parts are protruding or sticking out.
It is possible that certain shipping service providers use different classifications to determine when a parcel is considered bulky goods. The question of what constitutes bulky goods can only be answered individually. Please contact us for personal advice on your bulky goods shipment and the shipping costs. We will work with you to determine whether your parcel is bulky goods and which shipping method is suitable for you.
Bulky goods are more common in some sectors than in others. Below you will find classic examples of bulky goods shipments.

Packing and shipping of large goods from one location!

Whether you want to handle a single shipment or you are a business customer who sends oversized goods on a regular basis – myGermany offers you a comprehensive, all-in-one package. We take care of all aspects of shipping your bulky goods.
Proper packing of large or valuable items requires experience. Our myGermany staff are trained professionals and will gladly take care of all the necessary preparations for shipping your bulky goods.

Pickup at your location, packed or unpacked.

Use our pickup service and save time and money. At the supplier, at the warehouse or at your location – just tell us where your parcels or oversized goods will be received. We will come to you and receive your goods for further shipping. That’s why we offer you wide time windows to find the date that suits you. We are also happy to accept express shipments of oversized items at short notice.

Professional packing directly on site.

Upon request, our myGermany services also include packing oversized goods prior to shipment. Directly on site and according to the highest logistical standards. Our staff packs your bulky goods safely and professionally to effectively prevent transportation damage. To do this, we use only high-quality packaging materials. They are optimally designed to match the requirements of the goods and goods.


Shipping particularly oversized goods – what should be considered?

You’ve sold your bike online and now want to ship it? If you’re shipping particularly large items, options like pallet shipping are often expensive. Therefore, it is useful to get an individual quote for the package. Often, freight forwarding can be a cost-effective alternative to oversized cargo shipments. To do this, contact myGermany, our experts will personally advise you and work with you to determine the best option for shipping oversized goods.
With proper packaging materials, oversized goods can be packed perfectly and safely. Our staff will be happy to advise you personally on this as well.

Packing of large goods?

Shipping large goods also imposes special requirements for proper packaging. Custom cardboard boxes easily accommodate large and bulky items. In addition, it is a good idea to fill the cavities with filler material. This prevents individual pieces from moving around within the package. If all the pieces in the package are securely connected together – for example, with adhesive tape – transport is also safer. Bubble wrap can also be a good option for shipping oversized goods.
There are packaging solutions suitable for many types of bulk goods. Bicycle boxes are a good example. But moving boxes for large artworks and sculptures are also available.
Ideally, no parts of the packaging should protrude. This not only makes transportation more difficult, but also increases the risk of damage to the goods. If goods are sent completely empty, they will not be insured against damage in transit. Therefore, the goods must either be packed by yourself or by the service provider.

Bulk cargo shipping costs?

Delivery requirements for oversized goods vary per order. Therefore, we offer customized prices for our individual and corporate clients. We determine shipping costs for oversized items based on your individual needs to ensure always fair and competitive prices. Contact our myGermany staff. Directly and personally on the phone, without waiting or registering. Contact us now to get a custom quote to ship oversized goods quickly and without any hassle.

Shipping oversized & bukly goods with a shipping service provider or freight forwarder?

Both classic freight service providers and freight forwarders handle the transportation of oversized goods. Costs can vary greatly. Often times, working with a freight forwarder is a cheaper alternative to shipping oversized goods – especially if shipping volume is high.
Transit time is another factor to consider when choosing between a shipping service provider and a freight forwarder. Shipping providers typically offer faster delivery than freight forwarders, who often take several days to move a load.
Any additional charges for special services such as picking up bulky items or shipping to a specific location should also be mentioned in this regard.
myGermany and our wide network of shipping service providers and shipping companies can determine the best terms for each shipment and carry out shipping of large-volume goods for you in the best possible way.

With our experience we provide fast & secure packaging services for your bulky goods to Canada. To any habor or via air, FedEx Freight etc.

With our experience we provide fast & secure packaging services for your freight items.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can myGermany Pick-Up unpacked items in Germany & Pack it for international shipment?
Yes. We can pick up unpacked items with our dedicated driver. If your items are already packed (crates, pallets), we can use gathered trucks, which will be more cost effective. We can either ship directly to you, or get it into our warehouse where we check packaging and import/export conditions. We do pack, secure and support with export and customs formalities.
Can myGermany ship via Air, Sea, Road or Rail?
Yes. We do collaborate with several carriers and are able to provide you different shipping options via Air, Sea or Road. Best is to have the items in our warehouse where we understand packaging and export conditions in order to quote the international shipment.
What kind of information does myGermany need for a Quotation?
You may please elaborate on:– please provide commercial invoice or any proof of value (eg. screenshot of ebay etc.)
– weight / dimensions of packed items?
– description of items incl. value?
– is it already sufficiently packed, or do you need any further packaging services?
– is it stack-able?
– where to be picked up? Pick-up address?
– to where to be sent? Delivery address? port or your address?
– do you have unloading equipment at your place?
– who takes care for the customs clearance? Your broker or myGermany?
– who/how will be charged for the customs processes?
– are you acting as business or private
– do you prefer sea or air?
Can myGermany handle the entire Pick-up process in Germany?
Yes. We handle the whole communication, payment and pick up if demanded. Please mind that articled need to be packed by the seller. Please also note that some articles are not in condition for an international transport, myGermany will check that upfront.We charge a 20,00 € standard fee for the Pick up Service (if higher pick-up costs occur, we will discuss with you before executing the pick up).
How do Freight Forwarding Services work?
myGermany can pick up your goods, consolidate them, pack them (e.g. build wooden crates or sea crates), prepare the shipping documents and then ship them via sea, air, rail or road.

We have a warehouse with ramp, forklift, high shelves and our employed carpenters can build packaging with ISSP certified wood.

Once we have the goods in our warehouse, we will discuss the packing and shipping options with you. Most of the time we still need to define or involve the customs agent in the receiving country. Once we agree, we find the appropriate aircraft or ships and book your goods onto them. You pay and advance and we initiate and control the shipment.

Taxes and customs duties in the receiving country are to be paid by you.

What are the Different Modes of freight transportation used?
We use Air, Road, Rail and Sea.
We collaborate with large carrier and cargo companies in order to find the perfect shipping option for you!
What Types of Cargo can be shipped through freight forwarding?
Almost everything which can legally be sent, please check here allowed goods.
And here some samples.
How are freight Rates Calculated?
If we ship by air, it is faster than by ship, but it is also more expensive. Basically, the farther away and heavier/larger the goods, the more expensive the shipping.

The freight shipping rate can be composed of the following components:

– Collection of packed or unpacked goods in Germany to our warehouse
– Packing material and packing costs
– Preparation of shipping documents (export documents or certificates, customs tariff number determination, export declaration, etc.)
– Carrier freight rate
– Import clearance in receiving country
– Delivery in the receiving country

Do freight forwarders provide Customs Clearance Services?
Yes. We provide Export and Import Clearance Serices. We generate the export papers and also link you to customs brokers in your country, if needed.

Please check our Customs Clearance Services or Contact us.

What Documentation is required for freight forwarding?
We need
–  packaging list
– commercial or pro forma invoice
– eventually export declaration
– eventually export and import certificated (e.g. certificate of origin)
– eventually master safety data sheet (MSDS)
– eventually dangerous goods

myGermany will support / generate all of these.

Can I Track my cargo during transit?
Yes, wether send via Air, Sea, Rail or Street. We provide for all Tracking IDs.
What happens if there are Delays or Disruptions in the shipment?
If carriers face any issues, myGermany is informed and will handle it. Whatever is needed, we support to create, procure or submit it.

Delays will be actively communicated to you.

Are there any Additional Fees or Surcharges to be aware of?
Well, this depends on many factors. Normally, the most common charges to be considered (which cannot be predicted or charged by myGermany) are:

– Import Duty (defined by your customs based on the content and value (customs tariff numbers))
– Import Tax, Value Added Tax (your country has a fix value added tax)

If any customs checks or delays caused by external factors happen, additional costs may occur. myGermany will support the entire supply chain on order to avoid that.

How can I Insure my cargo during transportation?
We can insure new items easily against damages and loss, it will be an additional cost.
Used items can be insured for loss only.

The insurance value is linked to the export value and cannot be higher than the export value.

Please contact us for details.

Can I consolidate Multiple Shipments into one Freight Container?
Yes you can. We gather your items here in our warehouse, store it until we have all things here to be shipped, and can consolidate/prepare/secure it in pallets, crates or containers to be shipped to you.
What Safety Measures are taken to Protect my cargo?
We have been working in the freight business since 2012 and employ freight packing specialists as well as carpenters to build sea chests.

We have shipped many things safely packed and demonstrably well kept, from antique old grandfather clocks, to pallets with glass vases, to entire kitchens and cars.

We use lashing straps, styrofoam, sea chests, inflatable container bags, hammer & nail to secure your goods.

Check here a few examples.

How do I file a Claim for lost or Damaged Cargo?
You contact us and we do coordinate or submit the claim to the carrier.
Please check here.
Can I schedule Specific Delivery times for my Freight?
Yes you can. Please contact us.
Do freight forwarders offer Warehousing & Distribution services?
Yes, we do.
Check our Warehouse Services.
Check our Fulfillment Services.
What are the typical Transit Times for different Shipping Routes?
If we ship by air, it is faster than by ship, but it is also more expensive. Basically, the farther away and heavier/larger the goods, the more expensive the shipping.

We work with DHL, DSV, DBSchenker, FedEx, UPS etc. and can often access standard routes for air and sea, which are accordingly cheap.

Basically: SEA / AIR / STREET
North America West Coast 30-40d / 2-8d / na
South America East Coast 20d / 2-9d / na
Europe 5-10d / 2-5d / 2-9d
Africa 20d / 4-12d / na
Asia 30-40d / 4-12d / na
Australia 27-35d / 4-8d / na

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