No volumetric weight. Pay only KG, not volume!

No volumetric weight! Pay only for the KILOGRAM you see.

With UPS /Standard/Express) and DHL Weltpaket (Economy/Premium) we provide a revolutionary new rate calculation with no hidden shipping fees!

What is dimensional or volumetric weight?
The dimensional weight is the calculation basis for carriage by air. The dimensional weight is related to the size of the packing used by the seller. The dimensional weight provides an easy way to calculate the actual air freight space required for the transportation of goods, which may be low in weight and bulky at the same time. The dimensional weight of the shipment is compared with the actual weight, whereas the higher value is used to determine the freight cost or rate.
This means that a lightweight picture frame may turn out more expensive than a heavy television. Why? Because the picture frame is larger in size and volume than the small television.
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myGermany provides with UPS Standard / UPS Express and DHL Weltpaket Economy / DHL Weltpaket Premium four shipment options, where we charge on package weight only. No complicated calculation based on dimensional (or volumetric) weight – no complexity or unpredictability for you!


Lets take an example with a 10 KG package:

L = Lengths = 50 cm
W = Widths = 50 cm
H = Height = 55cm
UPS Standard/UPS Express & DHL Weltpaket Economy/DHL Weltpaket Premium
Other Shippers
confusing dimensional weight factors can mean paying more for shipping than you were quoted
Airfreight Calculation Kilogram (50*50*55)/5000 = 27,5
27,5 kg is larger than 10 kg real weight
10 kg
is billed
28 kg
is billed

Applies to international shipping from Germany via DHL Weltpaket (not DHL Express) and UP.  Excludes oversized shipments and palletized shipments.

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