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Not only good, but special – This is Goldtatze’s motto. Breaking with cold and impersonal mass production turning towards unique, artistic and skilled manual custom-made items.
So special as your cat, so special should be her environment. Our Goldtatze product lines provide for this need. We enliven your cat’s room with luxurious and, at the same time, natural toys like in the “real” world.
The material for each furniture item is individually selected, naturally finished and shape-refined. Goldtatze offers you the symbiosis of timeless elegance, genuine naturalness and the touch of singularity whích stands out pleasantly from the average.

How does it work?

How to shop with

When you shop online, enter your new virtual forwarding address as your German delivery address at checkout. Or use our Concierge »

German Shipping Address

We inform you when your order has reached our warehouse. Either we forward directly (dropshipping) or whenever you want them forwarded.

Mail & Package Forwarding Services

You will receive your items after 2-6 working days, thanks to our trusted global shipping partners DHL and FedEx.

International Shipping



We reduce your packaging sizes for free – thus you save shipping costs.

We use strong 2-wavy packaging boxes for free – thus your articles will be secured for its long international trip.

We consolidate for free – thus you ship just one package for several items.

What makes us stand out as an international package forwarding company?

Shipping Cost Calculator

Estimate your total fees before buying in Germany. It’s easy, transparent and shows you all charges; no hidden fees, no surprises.

Low Costs only when you initiate Shipments

Simple and transparent cost structure: you only pay after we ship your parcels.

Insured Economy, Premium & Express Shipment

Thanks to DHL, FedEx, UPS, GLS, DPD, TNT, DBSchenker and more, we provide short and predictable door-to-door shipping periods.

Free Photos of your Goods

We photograph each incoming parcel – check content and package labels.

Customer Account & Fast Service

Expect a user-friendly account with simple functions, showing constant shipment status updates. And rely on our fast and individual customer service via eMail and LiveChat.

PickUp, Packaging & Concierge Service

Our agents help when your payment method is not accepted. We buy, pay, pick up, and pack goods for you (e.g. from private eBay sellers).

Free myGermany 2-wavy very strong Packaging Boxes

We use strong 2-wavy packaging boxes for free – thus your articles will be secured for its long international trip.

Forwarding Services including free

  •  German Shipping Address
  •  Inspection of your Goods
  •  Photos & Storage
  •  Package Consolidation, Shrinking & Repacking
  •  Strong 2-wavy Packaging Boxes
  •  Preparation of all Customs Documents & Customs Handling

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