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Get Schmolke-Carbon items delivered easily with is a Germany based warehouse packaging and logistic company, delivering HRV-24 items into 220 countries at amazing rates thanks to collaborration with DHL, FedEx and DB Schenker. We provide a German shipping address, individual customer and mail & package forwarding service. We even purchase on your behalf, pay, check, photograph, store, consolidate & repack your items, and take over customs handling & the preparation of customs documents.

As a young lad Stefan Schmolke, together with his brother Matthias, started racing. His passion for the sport and the technical interest in lightweight bicycle parts it spawned made him study mechanical engineering. His thesis was done under the supervision of Hans Christian Smolik, Germany’s godfather of ultralight bikes and parts. In 1989, around the time he was about to graduate from university, he, together with his brother, opened a bike store, concentrating on high-end bicycle parts.
From that on he developed superlight carbon handlebars, carbon seatposts and carbon wheels. With all his passion for the detail he currently have the lightes carbon handlebar in the world.

bike items shipped with myGermany
bike items shipped with myGermany
bike items shipped with myGermany
bike items shipped with myGermany

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Through our subsidiary we provide cargo & freight forwarding solutions via sea and air. We are your partner of choice for logistic and post fulfillment services, or if you need to ship a car, camper, bike, motorcycle, horse, furniture, apartment contents etc.

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