Customs Officer

Preparation of Customs Documents & Customs Handling

We prepare export & import customs documents automatically for free. 
Customs Handling in your country is already included in our rates.

We prepare all relevant documents, export and import declarations for you and handle the processes at the customs. We accompany your package on its entire route from Germany to your country! We also support you in your country after we forwarded your items. Also special Customs Export Declarations (MRN, ATLAS), applicable for Non-EU countries with shipments value larger than € 1,000.00 will be generated by myGermany.

We can help you get the German products you always wanted!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you send to EU, you dont have to pay these.

If you send to Non-EU, your goods might cause two import charges which are not covered by myGermany:
– Import Duty. Customs will derive these based on value and content.
– Import Tax. You might pay the VAT for your country.

The above mentioned fees cannot be quoted/told by myGermany as the calculation will be done by your country customs. Customs collaborates with our shipping carriers. If charges occurr, the shipping carriers will contact you and ask you to pay these.

Some goods with low value are free, they can be imported without any fees. Please check the “de minimis value” details with your customs (they are changing regularly).

The payment (clearance) will be conducted by our logistics partners and usually you will be charged by them after delivery. Usually our partners pay these fees in advance (for reasons of simplicity). In certain cases payment may be made directly by you to the customs service (e.g. if you have chosen DHL Premium).

In most countries, customs/import duty and a kind of value-added-tax (VAT) can occur.
The VAT is in each country different. The rates of customs duties vary from country to country, with the amount depending on the goods. Some countries have determined an upper value limit or allowance which means that they are exempt from customs duties or tax (de minimis threshold). For more specific information, please check the “de minimis value” details with your customs (they are changing regularly).

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