Ship Art, Design & Interiors to Germany: The Ultimate Guide


Germany, known for its rich cultural heritage, stunning architecture, and innovative design, has always been a hub for art enthusiasts and interior design aficionados. Whether you are an artist looking to exhibit your work in a gallery or a designer shipping furniture to a client in Germany, navigating the logistics of shipping art, design, and interiors can be a daunting task. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore everything you need to know about shipping art, design, and interiors to Germany.


Understanding Customs Regulations

Before shipping art, design, or interiors to Germany, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of the customs regulations in the country. Germany, like many other countries, has strict rules and regulations governing the importation of artworks and designer goods. Items may be subject to duties, taxes, and import restrictions based on their value, materials, and cultural significance.

To ensure a smooth shipping process, it is advisable to work with a reputable shipping company that specializes in handling art and design shipments to Germany. These companies are well-versed in navigating the complexities of customs regulations and can help you prepare the necessary documentation to expedite the clearance process.

Packaging and Crating

Proper packaging and crating are essential when shipping art, design, and interiors to Germany. Fragile items such as paintings, sculptures, and designer furniture require sturdy packaging to protect them from damage during transit. Artwork should be wrapped in acid-free paper, bubble-wrapped, and placed in a custom-built crate to prevent movement and minimize the risk of breakage.

For furniture and interior design pieces, custom wooden crates are recommended to provide maximum protection. It is also important to label the crates with detailed information about the contents and handling instructions to ensure that the items are handled with care throughout the shipping process. 

Insurance Coverage

When shipping valuable art, design, and interiors to Germany, it is essential to have adequate insurance coverage to protect against loss or damage. Most shipping companies offer insurance options based on the declared value of the items being shipped. It is advisable to carefully review the insurance policy and ensure that it provides sufficient coverage for the full value of the goods.

In the event of loss or damage during transit, having comprehensive insurance coverage will provide peace of mind and financial protection. Be sure to document the condition of the items before shipping and keep a record of all communication with the shipping company to expedite the claims process if necessary.

Shipping Methods

There are several shipping methods available for sending art, design, and interiors to Germany, each with its own advantages and considerations. Air freight is a popular choice for time-sensitive shipments, providing fast delivery and efficient handling. Ocean freight is a cost-effective option for larger items that are not time-sensitive, although it may take longer for the items to reach their destination.

Additionally, some shipping companies offer specialized services for art and design shipments, such as temperature-controlled transport for sensitive artworks or white-glove delivery for high-end furniture. Consider the specific requirements of your shipment and choose a shipping method that best suits your needs and budget.

Import Taxes and Duties

Import taxes and duties are an important consideration when shipping art, design, and interiors to Germany. Items imported into the country may be subject to value-added tax (VAT) and customs duties based on their declared value and classification. It is advisable to consult with a customs broker or shipping company to determine the applicable taxes and duties for your shipment.

To expedite the customs clearance process, be prepared to provide detailed information about the items being shipped, including their value, materials, and country of origin. Keep in mind that failure to comply with customs regulations may result in delays or additional fees, so it is essential to ensure that all documentation is accurate and complete.

Working with a Professional Shipping Company

Navigating the complexities of shipping art, design, and interiors to Germany can be a challenging task, especially for first-time shippers. Working with a professional shipping company that specializes in art and design shipments can help streamline the process and ensure that your items arrive safely and on time.

Professional shipping companies like myGermany have the expertise and resources to handle all aspects of the shipping process, from packaging and crating to customs clearance and delivery. They can also provide valuable advice on the best shipping methods, insurance coverage, and customs regulations to help you avoid common pitfalls and minimize risks.


In the event of loss or damage during transit, having comprehensive insurance coverage will provide peace of mind and financial protection. Be sure to document the condition of the items before shipping and keep a record of all communication with the shipping company to expedite the claims process if necessary.

In conclusion, shipping art, design, and interiors to Germany requires careful planning and attention to detail. By understanding the customs regulations, investing in proper packaging and insurance, and working with a reputable shipping company, you can ensure a smooth and successful shipping experience. Whether you are sending a valuable artwork to a gallery in Berlin or furnishing a luxury apartment in Munich, following the tips outlined in this guide will help you navigate the complexities of international shipping and ensure that your items arrive safely and in pristine condition.

FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

How does Package Forwarding work from Germany?

You can get packages sent to myGermany warehouse when you shop in Germany. Therefore you need to enter our address in the CheckOut (please register here >>). Once we have received your package, you need to define the next steps (consolidation, repacking, add/remove documents, select shipping method and transport insurance etc.)

Details please check here >>

How much does package forwarding from Germany cost? Are there andy additional fees or taxes with package forwarding?

You pay us only once you initiate the shipment. If we forward your package as it is there are no additional fees, Shipping Cost Calculator >>

We dont ask for any additional fees, except the additional services you require in your account (cost overview).
Check also your Membership Plans >>

If you ship form Germany to Non-EU countries, tax and duty might occur, which is to be paid by you. Please read more here >>

How are Shipping Rates Determined for package forwarding?

Our shipping rate is composed of the cost of shipping service provider and our margin. So it already includes packing, customs paper/shipping paper preparation, outgoing and incoming customs clearance and delivery to the customer. It also covers all of our costs.

The costs of our shipping partners are based on zones (countries) – the further away from Germany and heavier the shipment, the more expensive the shipping.


Do you Repack? Can I Consolidate Multiple Packages into one shipment for cost savings?

Yes, we repack and consolidate for free. We use our own strong packaging material and 2-wavy cardboards.

We eveb provide a sophasticated and time-taking consolidation process where we unpack and newly repack in order to get it shipped the most economical way possible. That is done for our Premium Members >>

Are there any Subscription Plans for frequent users?

Yes there are.
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Do you provide Photographs of my items/parcels?

Yes, we take pictures of each incoming parcel for Premium and Business members. Please check our memberships here. A Detailed Pictures option is available in your account.

What Shipping Carriers are commonly used for package forwarding from Germany?

List of our partners, with them we collaborate and their rates we provide to you.

For Packages (Road, Air) we use:
– DHL Weltpaket (Economy & Premim)
– FedEx Economy & Premium
– UPS Standard & Expedited & Express
– DPD Standard & Express

For Freight (Sea, Rail, Air, Road) we use:
– DHL Global Forwarding
– FedEx Freight
– DBSchenker

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What are the typical Delivery Times for forwarded packages?

Please check our Shipping Cost Calculator entering your country and you will see the shipping time for each shipping method.

Do package forwarding services offer Transport Insurance options?

Yes, we can insure each package up to 500,00 EUR. For higher insurance please check here:

What should I do if my package is Damaged or Lost during the forwarding process?

We can insure every parcel up to 500,00 EUR for free. Please check here Transport Insurance >>

In case you need to file a claim, we will support you! Check here How to file a claim >>

Can I Change the Shipping Address after the package is forwarded?

It depends on the carrier you selected:

DHL Express – yes it is normally possible, normally for free.
FedEx Economy & Express – yes it is normally possible, normally for free.
DHL Weltpaket – no it is not possible.
UPS Standard & Express – no it is not possible.
DPD Standard & Express – no it is not possible.

Can I Track my package during the forwarding process?

Yes, each package is traceable. Please check here >>

Are there any Size or Weight Restrictions for packages being forwarded from Germany?

No, we can send small and very large bulky items, wherefore we provide pickup, packaging, shipping and customs clearance services.

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What Customer Support options or Communication Channels do you offer?

We do answer emails within 24h during business hours Monday to Friday 08:00 to 15:00 CET.

We also provide a Live-Chat with human employees Monday to Friday 08:00 to 15:00 CET, and if our employees are not available our Bot will help 🙂

Our FAQs also provide lots of useful information.

Can I Return items to German online stores if I'm not satisfied with my purchase?

We support you with returns!

Within Germany
From myGermany to original seller: In cases of wrong or damaged products, or products which are not compliant with your order, products can be returned at no charge. You may even return goods without stating reasons against a processing fee. Please mind, that some Concierge Orders may be treated differently.

From customer to Germany 
From customer destination to myGermany / original seller: Customers may also return shipments from their country to myGermany or to the original seller. The costs are to be taken by the customer, but we will fully support the process and communication with seller.

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Are there any Restrictions on what I can order from Germany?

myGermany can send almost everything which is leagal. We are also certified for shipping Dangerus Goods such as Lithium, Oil or Gad Pressure Cans. Please check here restriced items >>