Setting the Standard for Sustainable International Shipping – myGermany’s Green Wave


In a world where environmental consciousness is at the forefront of global conversations, companies are increasingly recognizing the importance of adopting sustainable practices. myGermany, a leading international shipping service, has taken significant strides in going green – myGreen. This blog explores how myGermany is leading the way in sustainable shipping practices, contributing to a healthier planet while maintaining the efficiency and reliability that customers expect.

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myGermany’s Commitment to Sustainability:

At the heart of myGermany’s green initiative is a commitment to minimizing its environmental impact. The company understands the importance of taking responsibility for its carbon footprint, especially in an industry that relies heavily on transportation and packaging.

1. Carbon-Neutral Shipping:

One of the standout features of myGermany’s myGreen approach is its commitment to carbon-neutral shipping. The company invests in verified carbon offset projects to neutralize the emissions generated during the transportation of goods. This means that when you choose myGermany for international freight forwarding, you can trust that your packages are not contributing to climate change.

2. Eco-Friendly Packaging:

Recognizing the environmental toll of packaging materials, myGermany has implemented eco-friendly packaging solutions. The company prioritizes the use of recyclable and biodegradable materials, minimizing the environmental impact of packaging waste. Customers can now enjoy the convenience of international shipping without compromising their commitment to sustainability.

The Advantages of Choosing myGermany for International Shipping: 

1. Reliable and Efficient Service:

Despite its green initiatives, myGermany maintains a high standard of reliability and efficiency in international shipping. The company understands that customers expect timely deliveries and exceptional service, and it continues to meet and exceed those expectations.

2. Cost-Effective Solutions:

Contrary to the misconception that sustainable practices are costly, myGermany’s commitment to green shipping does not come at the expense of affordability. The company leverages innovative solutions to maintain cost-effectiveness, ensuring that customers receive top-notch service without breaking the bank.

3. Enhanced Customer Experience:

With the rise of e-commerce, customers expect real-time tracking of their orders. Tracking and tracing allow businesses to monitor the movement of goods through the supply chain and provide customers with accurate delivery estimates. offers a tracking and tracing feature that allows customers to track their shipments from the warehouse to their doorstep.

International Shipping with a Green Touch:

1. Reduced Emissions, Same Global Reach:

By choosing myGermany for international shipping, customers play a role in reducing global carbon emissions. The company’s commitment to carbon-neutral shipping means that while their packages traverse the globe, the environmental impact is mitigated, contributing to a greener and healthier planet.

2. Partnering for a Sustainable Future:

myGermany actively collaborates with carriers and partners who share its commitment to sustainability. This collaboration ensures that the entire supply chain, from origin to destination, adheres to environmentally responsible practices. As a result, myGermany customers can be confident that their shipments are handled by organizations that prioritize the well-being of the planet.


In a world where every action counts in the fight against climate change, myGermany stands out as a pioneer in sustainable international shipping. By embracing carbon-neutral practices, eco-friendly packaging, and strategic partnerships, myGermany has proven that environmental responsibility and business success can go hand in hand. As customers increasingly seek eco-conscious options, myGermany’s green initiatives position the company as a leader in the international shipping industry, setting a standard for others to follow. Choose myGermany for a reliable, efficient, and green shipping experience that reflects a commitment to a sustainable future.

FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

Can myGermany Pick-Up unpacked items in Germany & Pack it for international shipment?

Yes. We can pick up unpacked items with our dedicated driver. If your items are already packed (crates, pallets), we can use gathered trucks, which will be more cost effective. We can either ship directly to you, or get it into our warehouse where we check packaging and import/export conditions. We do pack, secure and support with export and customs formalities.

Can myGermany ship via Air, Sea, Road or Rail?

Yes. We do collaborate with several carriers and are able to provide you different shipping options via Air, Sea or Road. Best is to have the items in our warehouse where we understand packaging and export conditions in order to quote the international shipment.

Can myGermany handle the entire Pick-up process in Germany?

Yes. We handle the whole communication, payment and pick up if demanded. Please mind that articled need to be packed by the seller. Please also note that some articles are not in condition for an international transport, myGermany will check that upfront.We charge a 20,00 € standard fee for the Pick up Service (if higher pick-up costs occur, we will discuss with you before executing the pick up).

How do Freight Forwarding Services work?

myGermany can pick up your goods, consolidate them, pack them (e.g. build wooden crates or sea crates), prepare the shipping documents and then ship them via sea, air, rail or road.

We have a warehouse with ramp, forklift, high shelves and our employed carpenters can build packaging with ISSP certified wood.

Once we have the goods in our warehouse, we will discuss the packing and shipping options with you. Most of the time we still need to define or involve the customs agent in the receiving country. Once we agree, we find the appropriate aircraft or ships and book your goods onto them. You pay and advance and we initiate and control the shipment.

Taxes and customs duties in the receiving country are to be paid by you.

What are the Different Modes of freight transportation used?

We use Air, Road, Rail and Sea.
We collaborate with large carrier and cargo companies in order to find the perfect shipping option for you!

What Types of Cargo can be shipped through freight forwarding?

Almost everything which can legally be sent, please check here allowed goods.
And here some samples.

Do freight forwarders provide Customs Clearance Services?

Yes. We provide Export and Import Clearance Serices. We generate the export papers and also link you to customs brokers in your country, if needed.

Please check our Customs Clearance Services or Contact us.

What Documentation is required for freight forwarding?

We need
–  packaging list
– commercial or pro forma invoice
– eventually export declaration
– eventually export and import certificated (e.g. certificate of origin)
– eventually master safety data sheet (MSDS)
– eventually dangerous goods

myGermany will support / generate all of these.

What happens if there are Delays or Disruptions in the shipment?

If carriers face any issues, myGermany is informed and will handle it. Whatever is needed, we support to create, procure or submit it.

Delays will be actively communicated to you.

How can I Insure my cargo during transportation?

We can insure new items easily against damages and loss, it will be an additional cost.
Used items can be insured for loss only.

The insurance value is linked to the export value and cannot be higher than the export value.

Please contact us for details.

Can I consolidate Multiple Shipments into one Freight Container?

Yes you can. We gather your items here in our warehouse, store it until we have all things here to be shipped, and can consolidate/prepare/secure it in pallets, crates or containers to be shipped to you.

What Safety Measures are taken to Protect my cargo?

We have been working in the freight business since 2012 and employ freight packing specialists as well as carpenters to build sea chests.

We have shipped many things safely packed and demonstrably well kept, from antique old grandfather clocks, to pallets with glass vases, to entire kitchens and cars.

We use lashing straps, styrofoam, sea chests, inflatable container bags, hammer & nail to secure your goods.

Check here a few examples.

How do I file a Claim for lost or Damaged Cargo?

You contact us and we do coordinate or submit the claim to the carrier.
Please check here.

Can I schedule Specific Delivery times for my Freight?

Yes you can. Please contact us.

Do freight forwarders offer Warehousing & Distribution services?

Yes, we do.
Check our Warehouse Services.
Check our Fulfillment Services.

What are the typical Transit Times for different Shipping Routes?

If we ship by air, it is faster than by ship, but it is also more expensive. Basically, the farther away and heavier/larger the goods, the more expensive the shipping.

We work with DHL, DSV, DBSchenker, FedEx, UPS etc. and can often access standard routes for air and sea, which are accordingly cheap.

Basically: SEA / AIR / STREET
North America West Coast 30-40d / 2-8d / na
South America East Coast 20d / 2-9d / na
Europe 5-10d / 2-5d / 2-9d
Africa 20d / 4-12d / na
Asia 30-40d / 4-12d / na
Australia 27-35d / 4-8d / na

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