You may ask us to add additional packaging material for your packages. We’re pleased to offer three options:

1. No additional packaging: We will forward the package as received adding bubble wrap to the content.
2. Strong additional packaging: We will wrap each single item into bubble wrap.
3. Very strong additional packaging: We add bubble wrap to each single item and upholster the box walls with polystyrene.

No additional packaging samples:
Standard Packaging myGermany Standard Packaging myGermany

Strong additional packaging samples:
Strong Packaging myGermany Strong Packaging myGermany

Very strong additional packaging Samples:
 Strongest Packaging myGermany Strong Packaging myGermany

How to apply to your shipment?

Your items are now in the INBOX, now you need to be active: put the items you want to get forwarded into the OUTBOX. Here you will be led automatically with the next steps: you can consolidate your items, you can check/calculate the shipping fees (without actually initiating), you can select the shipment provider, add any additional services (such as additional packaging, remove or upload documents) and finally you need to select/enter your delivery address. At the end, you will be asked to pay in order to initiate the shipment.

You can check here too:

Please read our enclosed Manual – how to use our account with all features!
Download Manual myGermany Account