For Premium Members we offer this service for free (except for Drop Shipment where we not repack but only forward),
Repacking and Consolidation is free of costs. Consolidation happens only once for free (any Re-Consolidation will be at charge only).
We will consolidate into 30kg max (as per policy because of package security and employee health). Just tell us / select in your account what order numbers you want us to put in your next package, we’ll do it. After the consolidation is done we will notify you and you can initiate the shipping process through your account. Please note, that once we have packed your parcel, you normally cannot consolidate that further (as it is already consolidated). But if you have additional wishes for that parcel (adding things or changing the packaging material etc.), lets talk about, but we have to ask for a little extra fee since those extra demands take up more time than you think.
Please mind these two consolidation options:
If you put your order straight in the OUTBOX and ship them, the free repacking & consolidation happens automatically by our system. But if you can bear 1-2 days, then please select MANUAL CONSOLIDATION in INBOX (not Outbox): here our warehouse team will focus manually on consolidation (and is often better than system)- of course also for free. We will repack and combine them into as little packages as possible. After completion we will notify you via email and a new package will appear in your Inbox.
PS: Of curse, in case of inappropriate inbound packaging myGermany will – if possible – repack your parcels in order to ensure a favourable and safe shipment to you.