Your received goods are stored free of charge 60 days & 0,2 cubic meters for Standard / Sensitive Members, and 90 days & 0,5 cubic meters for Premium Members. For Business Members we have special conditions. Consolidations and Drop Shipments will be stored 7 days for free.
After 60/90 days (your packages), and 7days (consolidation) free storage, we store your items for additional 90 days. In these additional days we charge for storage: each parcel is 3,00 Euros per day (each pallet 150 EUR per month). Should your parcel be very large and the storage requirements higher than normal, myGermany reserves the right to adjust the storage fees accordingly.
You will be notified via email and in your account if you face the limits.
We reserve the right to discard items that got left at our warehouse for longer than 120 Days. Those items are considered as “forgotten” and will no longer be stored.