Batteries and especially Lithium Batteries can be seen as Dangerous Goods and regulatory requirements must be complied with, in order to ship these. Besides specific shipping restrictions, a special declaration has to be made which will be done by myGermany.
myGermany is certified to ship batteries via Air, Road, and Sea.
Via Air, we use DPD, DHL Express, FedEx Express, and/or FedEx Economy.

Batteries, Lithium Batteries in Equipment (Smart Phones, Laptops, etc.)
myGermany can ship Batteries and lithium Batteries via Air with DHL Express, FedEx Economy, and FedEx Express & DPD.
DHL Express Surcharge is up to € 6,50.
FedEx has no surcharge.
DPD Surcharge is € 29,50.

Loose Batteries, Lithium Batteries, or with Equipment (eBike Batteries, Powerbanks, etc.)
myGermany can ship Batteries and lithium Batteries with DHL Express and FedEx Express.
For DHL and FedEx, additional costs up to € 150,00 might apply.

We will screen all incoming packages in our warehouse, mark them and will inform you in your account about additional costs and possible shipping options.