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Shop in Germany and ship to Kenya

Overview International Shipping from Germany to Kenya

From online shopping to doorstep delivery in Kenya, we provide all relevant services to get your stuff from Germany shipped to Kenya! Calculate upfront your shipping costs and delivery times, be informed about Kenya‘s import regulations and use our currency converter to explore a stress-free shopping tour in Germany! Our amazing services have convinced clients in more then 200 countries.

We support you through the entire shopping, shipping & customs processes! Check Germany’s best Shops or get access to amazing products on Amazon Germany or eBay Germany.

We offer via FedEx and DHL: Economy & Express Shipping to Kenya.

Import Restrictions

The following commodities are prohibited into Kenya:

All psychotropic drugs
Arms & ammunition
Batteries, Haz
Bearer Documents
Bio Products, Haz
Bows, arrows, fencing foils & toys
Chemicals, Haz
Communistic Materials
Coral & similar material
Cosmetics, Haz
Counterfeit goods of all kinds
Dangerous Goods as defined by IATA (Intl. Air Transport Association)
Distilled Beverages
Genetically modified products
Goods specified under (HS) chapter 36 of the customs nomenclature
Hazardous wastes & their disposal
Hippoptamus Teeth
Historical artifacts
Ice, Blue
Ice, Dry
Ice, Wet
Infectious Substance
Liquids, Haz
Liquids, Non-Haz
Liquor, Haz
Magnetized Materials
Mangos and Herbal Grass – prohibited if there are no Plant Permit and Phyto Certificate accompany the shipment.
Narcotic drugs
Natural sponges of animal origin
Ozone depleting substances
Paints, Haz
Perfume, Haz
Personal Effects
Pornographic Materials
Precious metals & stones
Progeny eggs
Radio Actives
Rhinoceros horn
Soap & cosmetic products containing mercury
Spent fuel elements (cartridges) of nuclear reactors
Telescope sights or other optical devices suitable for use with arms
Toiletries, Haz
Tortoise shell, whale bone & hair, anitlers, hooves, nails, claws and beaks
Traps capable of killing or capturing game animals
Used tires (for light commercial/passenger cars)

We do not want to be associated with counterfeit goods and upon suspicion of such goods being imported, Customs will be informed. It is prohibited in many countries to introduce counterfeit goods and where proven the Customs authority will seize the goods and penalize the buyer.
If you are offered very low prices for branded goods that are sold on shopping websites or via other channels, you can normally assume that the goods are counterfeit. High quality branded goods that are often copied are:
  • Shoes
  • Clothing
  • Bags
  • Expensive Watches
  • CDs and DVDs
  • Perfumes
  • Electronics

You can find more information here:

Link to DHL website, Import restrictions

Transit times

myGermany ships from Weimar, Germany to Kenya with following methods:


    8-10 working days
  • DHL Express
    5-6 working days
  • FedEx International Economy
    6 working days
  • FedEx International Priority/Express
    4 working days

More questions?

Customs & Taxes

Kenya has determined an upper value limit or allowance which means that they are exempt from customs duties or tax (de minimis threshold). The limits are:

  • Duty 0 KES
  • Tax 0 KES

Please note, that customs are free to change these limits and can work with their own assessment basis.

Currency Converter


Our rates at a glance:
Shipping Cost Calculator

What are the total costs? How long does it take? What is the cheapest rate? Our Shipping costs calculator allows to estimate the time and shipping costs incurred when shipping your parcels from Germany in your country of destination (including DHL & FedEx charges):

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