If you find a lower price from another forwarder, we will match it minus 1,00 EUR! We make sure you get the best service at the best price!

Show us the price you want us to underbid by providing a link or screenshot to us via eMail ([email protected]) or in our Contact Form. After verifying it by our agents, we will adjust your shipping rate!

* Applies to packages, not pallets
* Valid before and during a shipment, as well as up to 30days after you have paid for the shipment.
* Please mind that we compare only adequate shipping methods (so e.g. DHL Express with DHL Express, or FedEx Connect Plus with FedEx Connect Plus) and do not acknowledge prices from any paid memberships or paid loyalty programs, or any price that is based upon rebates, coupons, financing offers, errors, bundling of products or services, gift cards, or gift card offers.