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About myGermany

myGermany is a Germany-based international shipping and forwarding company established in 2012 by two friends, and headquartered in the middle of Germany, in Weimar.

Our offers include purchasing and logistics services (such as mail, parcel, cargo and freight) for end-customers and small and medium sized companies.

Our Forwarding Company is located in the middle of Germany in Weimar

Management Team

 Christian Schmalisch

Christian Schmalisch

Founder, Chief Execution Officer CEO

Christian has more than 17 years experience in international marketing and business development.

He has completed education as an insurance broker and received a diploma in communication and economics in Jena.

Since 2012, at myGermany he is responsible for business development and partnerships.

Christian Krause

Christian Krause

Founder, Chief Technology Officer CTO

Christian has more than 20 year experience in the ICT field.

As M.Sc. for media computer science, he gained lot of valuable experience in the field of e-commerce after graduation.

He is responsible for ICT within myGermany since 2012.

Sebastian Meier

Sebastian Meier

Partner, Chief Marketing Officer CMO

Sebastian has more than 15 Years experience in sales and marketing.

He has a diploma degree in media sciences, economics and psychology as well an education in eventmangement.

Since 2017, he is responsible for the integration of German online retailers and all marketing activities.

Eva Graf

Eva Graf

Head Customer Communication

Eva has been working about 10 years in the customer support. She was responsible for a huge Germany-based international customer center in an international logistic company before joining

For us she is heading the customer communication.

 Johanna Friedrich

Johanna Friedrich

Head Partner Management

Johanna is an energetic and passionate communicator with the aim of solving issues within minutes. She has 20 years of experience in customer and partner support and holds a degree in Social Science.

At myGermany she is responsible for the partner management.

Warehouse Team

Our Headquarters

Germany’s “green heart”, the beautiful city of Weimar is home to our headquarters.

Located in the middle of Germany, we are your forwarding company of choice, it’s easy to support you with import / export, forwarding and international shipping services as we have several airports around.

Weimar is the fourth-largest city of Thuringia and especially known for its cultural heritage, yet also for its vast number of universities.

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myGermany Warehouse

myGermany HeadQuarter & Warehouse
myGermany GmbH
Nordstraße 5
99427 Weimar

Our Customers

Worldwide private customers

… for every individual interested in a forwarding company to purchase products in Germany, which are normally not accessible.

For everyone who wants to purchase products from online shops in Germany and Europe, but cannot do so because they either don’t live in Europe or they are outside the supplier’s delivery range.

Our customers are the rank and file people, families and singles, businesspeople and athletes, self-employed and employees, associations and organisations based all across the globe, like India, America, Russia, Africa, China or Switzerland. We cover all destinations around the world.

To all we provide a virtual address to where they can get items forwarded. International shipping happens with trusted logistic companies only. Learn

how our forwarding company works

Businesses in Germany

... for German enterprises interested in marketing their products globally and in cooperating with an international shipping company.

Owing to our excellent know-how, comprehensive network, and attractive framework agreements with our logistics partners DHL and FedEx, we are in the position to run an immaculate infrastructure that allows expedient and secure shipping of parcels at reasonable prices to our worldwide customer base.

As an international shipping company we serve about 220 countries with financially strong customers. International shipping turns out to be highly profitable for many German companies. myGermany aims at facilitating German companies to convert this opportunity into profit and is the partner of choice when you look for an international shipping and forwarding company.

Click here to learn more about our partner program.

International enterprises

... for international enterprises interested in teaming up with a logistic forwarding and post fulfilment partner who has suitable warehouse facilities.

International businesses who distribute their products in Germany resort to our local expertise and market.

As an international shipping and forwarding company we offer such services as temporary warehousing, implementation of order processes, postal distributing, handling of return-shipments along with fast, secure, and affordable shipping to the customers.

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Our Partners

myGermany Logistics is our subsidary focused on cargo, freight and logistic fulfillment solutions via sea and air.

Individuals and business clients, German and foreign small and medium companies use our infrasructure and knowlegde to coordinate ingoing/outgoing B2C shipments. myGermany Logistics is an international freight shipping company fulfilling mail and logistic services to successfully market products in Germany. is another forwarding company… but for people in Germany who do not want to carry their extra luggage or to pay additional fees when traveling. is an international shipping company offering simple processes such as pick-up of your luggage in Germany, handling all customs processes, and delivering door-to-door globally.