All claims (loss or damage) must be communicated within 7 days after receipt. We fully support you! We have attached the claim form for you. Loss, damage, and delay claims can be submitted via email, at [email protected]. If you notice damage, take pictures of the damaged inner & outer packaging, of the damage, and also provide us with a proof of value.

Please provide the following information gathered in ONE email to [email protected]:

  1. description of the item, describe damage to contents
  2. value of damaged item
  3. is it repairable?
  4. AWB number/tracking number
  5. myGermany order number
  6. was the outer packaging obviously damaged when received? (please provide pics), describe damage to the outer packaging
  7. was the inner packaging damaged? (please provide pics), describe inner packaging damage
  8. have you spoken / notified the logistic driver?
  9. proof of value / or purchase / any document stating your ownership and the value
  10. please provide pictures from inner and outer packaging as well as from item – important: pics need to reflect the damage to the package

Please note that there are restrictions on insurance coverage for certain goods. Insured is the value of the item. Transportation costs are insured to a certain extent only: rates of our carrier partners are covered, our additional services and material, which are added on top of partners’ shipping rates are not covered.

Learn more about transport insurance.