For Premium Members, we consolidate your items for free. For Standard Members, we don’t consolidate. We will consolidate into < 30kg maximum (as per policy because of package security and employee health). We won’t charge for it. Just tell us / select in your account what order numbers you want us to consolidate.
If you want us to consolidate more heavy than > 30kg, please contact us individually for each consolidation. Additional costs will occur.
After the consolidation is done we will notify you and you can initiate the shipping process in your account. Please note, that once we have packed your parcel, you normally cannot consolidate that further (as it is already consolidated). If we need to open/change a consolidated package, additional fees will be charged. Please mind that we may charge also fees for consolidated packages which are not sent!
Please understand, that we can focus only up to 30 minutes per free consolidation. Any further, any disproportionate effort will be charged additionally.