If you ship outside the EU, these costs might occur. These costs have to be paid by you and are not included in our service rates. Our carriers will charge you while they deliver the package to you. Please check here.
If you send to EU, you don’t have to pay it.
If you send to Non-EU, your goods might cause two import charges which are not covered by myGermany:
– Import Duty. Customs will derive these based on value and content.
– Import Tax. You might pay the VAT for your country.
The above-mentioned fees cannot be quoted/told by myGermany as your country customs will do the calculation. Customs collaborates with our shipping carriers. If charges occur, the shipping carriers will contact you and ask you to pay these.
Some goods with low value are free, they can be imported without any fees. Please check the “de minimis value” details with your customs (they are regularly changing).